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Natural Hair with Brenda

Brenda aka Curly Comediana talks about natural hair and the journey she’s been on. She discusses where she gets her tips from, the hair typing system and the effects of chemicals on young girls hair. 40 more words



“There’s more than one black story, but a common experience that we all share”

Gosbert looks at the new generation of black people, and stereotyping.

please watch extended version here:


New Exception to PFIC Reporting for Mark-to-Market Taxpayers

The IRS recently announced in Notice 2014-51, 2014-40 IRB that certain Mark-to-Market (“MTM”) taxpayers will be exempted from PFIC reporting rules, effective for tax years ending on or after December 31, 2013. 446 more words



Just a splash of POP culture. Paul looks at his work with young people and the effects of pop culture. Do we realise what we’re listening too? 30 more words



Ajani, moved over to the UK, to Hertfordshire and then to London. He talks about how Britain dealt with the young people coming over to the UK, the need for his afrocentric book shop, and the role the government played in the tensions between black people and white people. 15 more words


MTM Day 1

This year I am experimenting with a new progression in my physics classes. We started out with the Data Analysis or Scientific Thinking unit of the Modeling material, which I heavily supplemented with the… 397 more words


MTM - Discussion 3; "Designing" For Your Brand

For the sake of conversation, I’m going to assume that my arena not only deployed wi-fi, but also Bluetooth & NFC centers for specific uses. I will also assume that there is an official app available on all major mobile platforms, where I would be able to directly influence the outcome of this app through our marketing efforts. 216 more words