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Finally beginning to feel a difference!

I am really beginning to feel a progression in my training. I am getting to the point now where I feel comfortable with the basics of Muay Thai. 532 more words

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It's nearly been a week!

I know I have been pretty quiet this past week. It doesn’t mean that there has been a lack of action behind the scenes.

There has been so much going on that I am excited to tell you all about. 757 more words

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Leaving the gym with a limp and a sore jaw... Today has been a good day!

When I booked my private with Craig, I knew I was in for a hard session and surely enough it lived up to my expectations. I started with a pretty standard warm up, on the ropes for about 10mins, then did some sit ups and some stretches, combined stretch, stretched the hamstrings on the ropes of the ring and a few more. 1,586 more words

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This is a place to come and talk about all things Muay Thai. Within this website you have ‘My Muay Thai journey,’ ‘My food journals,’ and much more content to come your way!! 442 more words

Muay Thai

2014 Muay Thai Fight Of The Year

Pornsanae vs E.T.

Rajadamnern Stadium Bangkok

9th November 2014

Pornsanae Sitmonchai (129 lbs RED) vs E.T. PTT Thongtavi (129 lbs BLUE)

Pornsanae and E.T. fight on the “Wanmitchai+ PPTV” promotion at Rajadamnern Stadium, Bangkok


Weraponlek Lands Face Plant KO of Khundiew at Rajadamnern Stadium

Weraponlek Veronafarm (115lbs.,RED) vs Khundiew Payabkhamphan (115lbs.BLUE). Weraponlek and Khundiew fight the main event, on the “Petchviset” promotion at Rajadamnern Stadium, Bangkok.  Watch the fight below thanks to Muay Ties:


Spinning Back Heel Kick to the head Knockout, during a Bare Knuckle fight in Myanmar

Spinning Back Heel Kick knockout from Cyrus Washington in a Lethwei (Bare Knuckle) Muay Thai with head-butts legal. 6 more words