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Scranton mma no gi class

Short vid showing a small sample of our no gi class. Coach carm breaking down a move. Then some students practicing it and then carm adds some detail to the move. 21 more words


Muay Thai at Scranton Mixed Martial Arts

Here is some footage of one of two of our students sparring during the muay thai class at Scranton MMA. The two students are Sam and Eric. 99 more words


Sensei Tim Scranton MMA Keystone State Games

Quick video of Sensei Tim From Scranton MMA competing in a Judo tournament. Tim is able to choke out his opponent very quickly using a very effective choke that he has worked on for YEARS. 99 more words


Scranton MMA Rodrigo Gracie Seminar

Here are some pics from a rodrigo gracie seminar that was conducted at Scranton Mixed martial arts on August 20, 2012. Rodrigo showed a bunch of awesome stuff. 86 more words

Scranton Mma

Fitness Kickboxing Classes In Tenafly, NJ

The Best Martial Arts Classes including Muay Thai Kickboxing Classes in Tenafly NJ is now partnered with Underground Training in Tenafly NJ. The most exclusive kickboxing program in Bergen County from Achieve MMA & Fitness has brought quality fitness and progressive training to those who love kickboxing, fitness and Muay Thai training. 103 more words

Takedown for Scranton BJJ Competitors

Cool throw for the bjj students or judo students to use to get some points and start the match in a great position. Sensei Tom breaks down the basic elements and goes over the main points. 93 more words


Scranton BJJ technique Flying armbar

In this vid Scranton bjj instructor Jess Papi demonstrates and explains all of the details behind the flying armbar. Jess does a great job of explaining of the important points that will let you start to actually get this move in competition. 55 more words