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Trying new things isn't always that easy!!!

Yesterday was my first instructional class for Muay Thai Kickboxing at a Martial Arts studio in Reading, Pa. I was nervous to try something new especially since I am worried about my knees and their stability for kicking and the endurance for boxing, but I was up for the challenge. 583 more words

Weight Loss Journey

BJJ Strategy- Get Up!

Just wanted to write a bit about a common BJJ strategy that we were discussing yesterday and teaching to our younger students. The concept or strategy is that when you are on the bottom in a self defense situation or in a competition sometimes your best option is to get back to your feet. 368 more words


Scranton bjj for kids


Kids at scranton mma learning how to stand up from guard in our bjj class. For many of our kids this was the first time they were taught the technique or even the idea that from the bottom position they could stand up and get back to their feet. 134 more words


Scranton Mixed Martial Arts Jiu Jitsu Promotions

This weekend a large group of Scranton MMA coaches went down to Balance Studios headquarters for a belt promotion ceremony. We were very honored to be invited by Phil and Ricky Migliarese. 417 more words


Scranton MMA practice


Scranton mixed martial arts students practicing a judo takedown they were just shown. The throw they are practicing works well in a self defense situation or a competition. 80 more words


Scranton MMA Judo Team Goes To The Hudson Cup


The Scranton MMA Judo team went to compete at the hudson cup in NJ. It is a great tournament with a ton of very talented high level competitors. 49 more words