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Reflections on the Revolution in Egypt (Sort of, not really)

This is part 3 of a series of posts on Egypt. You can read parts 1 and 2 here and here.

On another trip, I visited the Dakhla oasis in the Western (Libyan) desert. 986 more words


The square الميدان

The square tells the story from the beginning of the great revolution of Egypt in 2011, to the day that they took down a third leader. 446 more words


Governments might change, but do journalists change?

Al-Jazeera’s journalists are facing a sham trial in Egypt. It was a “joke” hearing, as the defendants described it. The crackdown on media and journalists in Egypt prove one thing: the ruling class uses media at all times. 496 more words




Mon 14 Apr 2014 (6.20pm) and Sun 20 Apr 2014 (8.40pm) | British Arab Centre

Running time: 108 min… 50 more words


In Cairo's Garbage City, Illegal Pig Farming is Coming Back

First Published in Vice ‘Munchies‘ Food Section – April 8, 2014

As I scrambled up piles of cardboard and across varied detritus, I eventually peered over a metal barrier into the porcine enclave beyond.   1,400 more words


Thoughts on Foriegn Policy & Democracy

I am a great believer in democracy and civil liberties; however I have noticed some contradictions between my ideology and how the world actually operates. … 834 more words

Uprisings and Revolutions in a Tumultuous Decade

A Summary of the Major Social Uprisings, Revolutions, and Revolts of the 2010s.

by Michael Roach

The events in Ukraine marks another major social movement in the world in which citizens of an unpopular regime overthrow the regime through a plethora of anti-government techniques from peaceful non-violent protests to massive rebellions against the state. 791 more words