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It's been a while....

Alas, it seems my desire to blog regularly has already failed. I don’t really have an excuse either except for being lazy combined with hardly being home. 760 more words

Boring GP

The Formula one GP in Russia was pretty boring. :( The only interesting part was Nico Rosberg who had to change the tires after the first lap (I think), fell down (I guess he was last or almost last), but then finished second. 147 more words

Cinnamon and Orange plus White Chocolate 'Piggy' Birthday Cakes {100th Post!}

Here are my birthday cakes! My uncle celebrates his birthday on the same day as me, hence my ‘excuse’ for not being able to choose between two flavours :) Do you share a birthday with a family member? 362 more words


White Chocolate Mud Cake

I said I would be back, and here I am, back, and not alone either! I bring with me a white chocolate mud cake recipe that, no word of a lie, is simply delicious. 1,090 more words

Blanche Eatery - Strutton Ground

This is our first coffee and cake involving all three of us, now that we are all living in London. Alice has a Pret a Manger addiction but I pulled rank and said we had to go to somewhere new and found this place not far from St James Park tube station. 274 more words

Coffee Shop