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Shellac: Mud Pie in Dundrum

I’ve always been so jealous of my aunt’s nails; they’re rock hard, perfectly shaped with a glorious white tip at the top. They’re to die for! 313 more words


Day 173: Mud pie

Sunday, 22 June 2014

I’ve become a supporting character in a Calvin & Hobbes comic strip.

365 Day Photos

NeverEnding Story Artax Mud Pie

Minion Lil Jenni’s week long quest to maul your memories of the NeverEnding Story continue with her edible tribute to the single saddest scene in the movie. 262 more words


Avocado and Chocolate: A Glorious Combination!

It’s always disappointing to find your avocados are just a little over ripe. You know, the point at which they still taste fine but have just started turning that unappealing grey/brown color. 541 more words


Dana's Mud Pie

I never thought I would post this recipe but here I am, posting away for all the world to see.
Fond memories can make you forgive lots of evils.   1,217 more words

Historical Nonfiction

Little One is a Year Old!?

It is simply unbelievable to me that our Little One is a year old.  Wasn’t I just in the hospital with her enjoying our extended stay, eating popsicles and ordering “room service”?  560 more words