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My, My Mudrooms!

This weather can definitely take a toll on your whole house with boots tracking mud and snow everywhere, not to mention our four-legged friends too. If there’s nowhere to keep all of the wet coats, hats, and mittens, the carpet will surely turn a different color in no time. 184 more words

California Closets - New England


I know you could argue that it’s impossible to tell what I’m showing in this picture.  I promise to post a better photo once I get the shelves installed.  129 more words


Clean Slate | The Perfect Mudroom

Unlike a front entry, seen by all and used by guests, the mudroom is usually a home’s secondary entrance. It’s one of those rooms that many older homes don’t have, and many of us wish we had! 306 more words

A Dream Is Only A Dream If It Doesn't Hurt The Ones You Love

January 18, 2015. Lesson #1 (a bump on they way to my dream): A dream is only a dream if you can share it with the ones you love the most. 398 more words

How Do We Get There From Here


I’m finally back to blogging after a couple week layoff due to the serious malady of too-lazy-to-write.  I guess the holidays got the best of me.  127 more words


Looking to Add or Remodel your Mud/Laundry Room in 2015?

Looking to make a change to living spaces in 2015?

Check out these creative ways that you can add more value when remodeling or consider adding in when building your home. 33 more words

What Do You Think?

MudRoom-CraftRoom Day 1

January 17, 2015. As promised, today is the start of my dream. My husband and I (and my in-laws) are working on our mudroom and my craft room. 165 more words

Craft Room