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Why Hellyeah Isn't Horrible

What makes a band bad? Nothing. That’s it. Nothing makes a band bad. They could be badass, but just plain bad? Nope. Doesn’t exist. 1,166 more words


Metal Mondays - Mudvayne

Mudvayne is an old metal group that went on hiatus in 2010 indefinitely so lead singer Chad Gray and guitarist Greg Tribbett could tour with a band I posted about last week, “Hellyeah”.   9 more words

Day Twenty: A Cheeseburger of Anger and Hatred

A song that I listen to when I’m angry? I have a lot of those. But, for this post, I’ll go with this one:

(Ten points to whoever got the Burger King reference from the title) 9 more words

30 Day Song Challenge


Hellyeah is an hard rock supergroup with lead vocals Chad Gray (of Mudvayne), and more note-worthy is Vinnie Paul of Pantera who’s brother is the deceased Dimebag Darrell.   31 more words