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So i had been having mainly beans and eggs for breakfast/lunch. The beans were mainly: Kidney beans and tomato based beans. Which is still a lovely meal. 199 more words

Muesli Yogurt

🇺🇸 Healthy Great Morning!!!! 🇪🇸 Buenos Dias Saludables!!!!

Let’s do it!!! Manos a la Obra!!!


  • Some nice unsweetened Greek yogurt
  • Your favorite muesli
  • Chia seeds…
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Batido de Banana/Batido de Plátano/Banana Shake

🇪🇸 Buenos Dias con un batido super rico, saludable y energético!!!! 🇺🇸 Great Morning with a delicious shake that is also healthy and energetic!!!!

Manos a la obra!!!  41 more words


Homemade granola with goji berries, apricots, almonds & a pinch of cinnamon

Again mentioning my healthy food addiction- I love having muesli or granola for breakfast. The thing is, that when I read how much sugar there is in those one can buy ‘ready’… well, it doesn’t feel healthy any more. 173 more words


Sprouted muesli with rhubarb and strawberry crumble

We get so much lovely feedback about our toasted muesli recipe, that it seems silly to introduce something new and different. But change is inevitable, and often change can be a very good thing, so a little tired of making our usual batch toasted muesli on a Sunday night, we actually found this sprouted muesli can actually be a bit simpler and quicker to prepare that it’s toasted friend, in a way. 851 more words

Breakfast recipe: muesli, Greek style yoghurt and strawberries

This is a simple idea for a great breakfast.

-Muesli (any shop-bought or home made, but try find some with as low sugar as possible for a healthier breakfast) 74 more words


Banawi Ice Cream! (banana+kiwi)

Hello everyone!

Guess how excited I get after having this for lunch!

I swear it’s the best banana ice cream combination I’ve ever had!

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