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The Return

Greetings Earthlings I have returned… – is what I imagine Jesus might say upon his what can only be described as literal godlike entrance. Or I suppose re-entrance if you prefer. 810 more words


Glorifying God....(Malaika chicken edition)

‘Let every living thing that hath breath glorify the Lord…’Psalms 150:6

This is the essence of creation; the purpose of life; the chief end of man on earth as some would say; this is one of the divine edicts; this is what Paul summarized to the Corinthians; ‘…whatever you do, do all to the glory of God’ … 374 more words

The Lion King

Ah yes. The Lion King. That very grown-up story masquerading as a children’s film. I recently re-watched it and was struck by the depth of the story. 621 more words


in front of a lion

it’s a treacherous world in which we live

The Lion King: The Legacy Collection (Hans Zimmer)

Record LabelWalt Disney Records
Date Released06/24/2014

            In the world of film music, there is an unfortunate history of great film scores being mistreated or misrepresented on soundtrack albums. 933 more words

Hans Zimmer

The Lion King 3 Mufasa

The Lion

Mufasa&amp39s Queen And The Leader Of The Lioness Hunting Y


Mufasa Embroidered Dp B004

The Lion

The Lion

The Lion King 3 Mufasa… 37 more words