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Why the Lion King is the best Disney film ever

After the craze of Frozen, people seem to have forgotten about poor little Simba. But if you ask me, The Lion King is the greatest Disney film ever made!! 480 more words

Put down the grater! I'm not a mountain...

Every 90s child knows they owe a big part of who they are today to Disney’s The Lion King.

The bright colours, singing animals and catchy songs drew us all in as children and as adults we are drawn in by… the bright colours, singing animals and catchy songs… not to mention the historical undertones of Nazi Germany, the reference to Shakespeare’s Hamlet and the first time you were made aware of your parents mortality or, indeed, the circle of life. 449 more words

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Aj em jor Pieseł, czyli o zastosowaniu Pieseł w filmach

Czy Pieseł ma zastosowanie w filmach? Czy możemy tego wymagać? Na oba pytania odpowiedzią najprawdopodobniej byłoby WOW lub Filmy takie Akcji itp., więc postaram się dopowiedzieć coś od siebie. 95 more words



I remember sitting and watching The Lion King when Simba asked Rafiki if he knew his father and Rafiki corrected him saying he know his father. 197 more words


OhMyDisney: We might analyze Disney movies too much, which is...

OhMyDisney: We might analyze Disney movies too much, which is why we need these questions answered. http://t.co/kGmOyX4WtI http://t.co/TVgBZtkBcS

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Sink In

you hear the diagnosis

through the walls,

they sit the family down to

talk about it,

your brother cries in your room,

your little sister becomes a robot, 200 more words

Disney challenge day 26!

Which moment do you think is the saddest?  Once again it’s super hard to choose, but it’s definitely when Mufasa dies in the Lion King! Disney movies are all just emotional roller coasters, but for some reason we all love to ride them.