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Arms: WELL…
Personality: HAKUNA MATADA
Distinguishing features: KINGLY BEARING
Attainability: SOOOOO DEAD

Look, he’s just fit, yeah? 117 more words

Now that's power

Maybe the SEC Western Division should change its name to Mufasa.  Given the historic feat of putting four teams in the top 5 ranking at the same time, I don’t think there would be much of a difference with that name change. 264 more words


Trying to Escape Death: Part II

Mufasa is bobbing and weaving in and out of these Oxen, his majestic red mane flowing through the wind as he’s rushing to try and grab his son, Simba, from a hanging tree limb that is sticking out like an island in the middle of the Oxen. 81 more words


Trying to Escape Death: Part III

Simba is freighten, looking up the mile high Oxen, trying to figure out a way to get out of harms way. Mufasa swoops in, grabbing Simba again by the mouth, and swiftly B-lining to get up on the rock for safety. 86 more words


The Plunge of Death

As Mufasa is clinging desperately into the side of the mountain rock, he’s calling out for help from his brother, Scar. Musfasa is slowly sliding up and down, up and down, while no answer from Scar, who is watching over the whole scene. 120 more words


Is He Still Alive? Part I

Simba flies toward this lifeless body to only be met by his father. He inspects the body as if he it could be a possibility its not his father. 99 more words


Is He Still Alive? Part II

Simba yanks his ear, hoping that some rise would come out of his father. Nothing. He looks around frantically. “Heeeeeelllllppppppp!” he cries out so loud. He begins to run, he needed to find somebody. 89 more words