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Blueberry muffin recipe using yogurt

This creates the soft and moist texture using yogurt and other typical baking ingredients. Perfect for a quick to-go breakfast. Taste delicious warm or cooled. 30 more words


What I want to bake

Lots of scones!… And blueberry muffins!

Learn all of the measurements, understand why it’s so important. Invite others over to enjoy tasty goodness :)


Blueberry Buttermilk Muffins

A soft and fragrant buttermilk muffin full of juicy blueberries and vanilla flavor. This is a quick and easy go-to recipe for whenever you feel like homemade muffins. 400 more words

Fiesta Friday

White chocolate and lemon mini muffins


I was making the usual lemon drizzle loaf for someone at work who is departing for foreign climes and I thought, this isn’t quite enough to share really… so I wanted to make something else along the same lines but a bit more fun and all I had in the cupboard was white chocolate….  194 more words


Garlic-Parsley Mozzarella Muffins

The recipe of today is a simple breakfast muffin.Its very easy to prepare,quite filling  and is a healthy muffin to munch on for breakfast.Its a Garlic-Parsley Mozzarella Muffin.As the name suggests,it contains Garlic,Parsley and Mozzarella as the main ingredients.In variation to the regular sweet muffins,this is a savoury muffin.Muffins have always been a hit in my family specially with my youngest :) I remember how much he loved my… 253 more words

Chocolate Chickpea Muffins (Banana or Orange flavoured)

Chocolate Chickpea Mini-Muffins (with Banana and Orange variations)

I have to thank Katarina Anne over at her wonderful blog, Feed Me Full, for the genius idea of using a can of chickpeas as a flour substitute. 232 more words


Turkey Meatloaf "Muffins"

Okay, folks. This is one of my all time favorite recipes. I would definitely call it a “go to” recipe for me.

          Reasons why I love it: 363 more words