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Derren Brown: 'The REAL secret to my success'

Yesterday morning, Derren Brown, the mentalist, illusionist, and popular Channel 4 showman, revealed to the world that he is, in fact, a complete fake. In an interview with… 356 more words


Day 37 & 38 of 60 Firsts

Today was a day when I learned a lot (personal so will not elaborate).

Also I have been rereading the first book of Harry Potter so I may get on with reading the rest of the books!! Oh this magical thing!

60 Firsts For 60 Days Midyear Challenge!

Swish and Flick

Look at my new magic wand! It chose me yesterday at the Renaissance Faire. I call it the “Aldy Wand.”

Monthly Fandom

Why Can’t It Be Real?

Shreya Shankar, 3rd year, MC

“Why can’t it be real?”

A simple mention of “Harry Potter”, a picture of Harry Potter fan art, or a random visit to the Pottermore website is enough to raise this question in multitude. 694 more words


FHB: Chapter 29

Lucius did not expect it to be so soon. Barely a week after his little meet up with the Dark Lord, he was called to Professor Dumbledore’s office. 993 more words

Fan Fiction

Makeup Magic for Muggles #1

Superficial or not,  something about a bright lip makes me feel better, and something about being made up makes me a million times more confident. 183 more words


A Breach in the Decree for the Improper Use of Magic: A Muggle's View

We cross over the water view and smack right into a swirl of colors like a parade of rainbow lollipops. Candycane-esque top hats on sales racks and on moving heads. 981 more words