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Heyy *dramatic hair flip* How you doin’?

Let me tell you a little about myself.

I am Dhanu, an awkward fourteen-year old girl with a tendency to blab and a worrying obsession with books and food. 183 more words


Makeup Magic for Muggles #3

I’ve been checking out quite a few tutorials lately. I’m a big fan of Tanya Burr‘s makeup looks, but recently I’ve stumbled upon a new beauty genie to help me learn some new tricks. 569 more words


A Fistfull of Muggles

On Sunday we took our friend Nina and her two children, Bela (11) and Alek (10) out on their first ever geocaching adventure. I chose some of the CaptainJack Common Wood caches near Hazlemere in Buckinghamshire as I felt that the short distance between the hides and beautiful countryside surroundings to be an excellent backdrop in which to demonstrate the wonders of geocaching to a family of muggles. 1,508 more words


Muggles in action: Minnesota Harry Potter fans join activism alliance

There are no pure-bloods in Austin, Minnesota. It’s a city of about 25,000 residents, all of them muggles, unable to perform a simple Alohomora spell or conjure a Patronus. 474 more words


The Ladies of Downton for Harpers Bazaar

The people of England are oh so lucky, Downton Abbey season five is premiering this fall over there…us mere Muggles in America have to wait another four months before the January 4th premiere on PBS!!! 81 more words


Dementors, boggarts and other cold things

What can you call somebody, who, when they walk into a room, any room manage to suck out all the warmth there ever was? Your memories ebb away from you like little bubbles, floating away from you. 739 more words

Meet J.K. Rowling's New Harry Potter Character

J.K. Rowling unveiled a new character in the Harry Potter universe Monday, and she’s a stylish songstress who just happens to be Ron Weasley’s mom’s favorite singer. 202 more words