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The Ladies of Downton for Harpers Bazaar

The people of England are oh so lucky, Downton Abbey season five is premiering this fall over there…us mere Muggles in America have to wait another four months before the January 4th premiere on PBS!!! 81 more words


Dementors, boggarts and other cold things

What can you call somebody, who, when they walk into a room, any room manage to suck out all the warmth there ever was? Your memories ebb away from you like little bubbles, floating away from you. 739 more words

Meet J.K. Rowling's New Harry Potter Character

J.K. Rowling unveiled a new character in the Harry Potter universe Monday, and she’s a stylish songstress who just happens to be Ron Weasley’s mom’s favorite singer. 202 more words

The blank canvas challenge

“Everyone’s an artist” until they are confronted by a blank sheet of paper or a white canvas, and told, “Go.” Then people realize that we are wizards.

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Wishful Normalcy

There are some days when I ask myself why I can’t just be a normal person, and work a 9-5 and have my weekends off, and vacation time. 18 more words

Dialogue Scraps

Casting Your Shadow

Not all days are diamonds Bohemians, no they’re not.

During the deep dark moon balsamic dredge we are wading through right now, it is only natural that muggles will be acting out all over the place. 670 more words

Human Behaviour

Derren Brown: 'The REAL secret to my success'

Yesterday morning, Derren Brown, the mentalist, illusionist, and popular Channel 4 showman, revealed to the world that he is, in fact, a complete fake. In an interview with… 356 more words