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5 Knock Out Responses to Facebook Cynics.

I love Facebook.

For me, Facebook is all about sharing. By sharing, I mean good vibes,friendship, and opinions.

And almost 90% of the times, it’s opinions. 776 more words


Harry Potter Birthday Invite!

Designed this awesome birthday party invitation for a client and was met with “how did you do that???” by her kids! Best part of my job :)

Offerings at Sacred places

As I said yesterday, I spent some time in Avebury over the weekend. I walked all around and Avebury like Glastonbury and Stonehenge attracts many spiritual people, many Pagans of all different paths. 808 more words


You run Ultras? WTF is that!!? or How do I explain an Ultra ....

I like to think that being an ultrarunner means that everyone is in complete awe of my achievements.

Yeah I say…..”just a short one last weekend… Yeah that’s right….- 50… Yeah miles”. 227 more words


18 Signs Harry Potter Is Your Life


You saw “Harry Potter” in the title of this article and that is all you saw. It doesn’t matter what the rest of the title said. 377 more words

Harry Potter Land

As a going away present I got a voucher to the WB studio tour where they filmed the Harry Potter movies!

While expensive (not an issue when it is gifted to you!), and far far away near Watford Junction, if you are a HP nerd like me, it is well worth any effort! 344 more words


I have lots and lots of subjects that I want to cover regarding my journey. A lot of paths would love to walk you down. 891 more words

The Journey