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Eduardo Galeano: Ali

He was butterfly and bee. In the ring, he floated and stung.

In 1967, Muhammad Ali, born Cassius Clay, refused to put on a uniform. 93 more words

Thought of the day - Muhammad Ali

“Hating people because of their color is wrong. And it doesn’t matter which color does the hating. It’s just plain wrong.” 
~ Muhammad Ali
Celebrate YOU! – by Denise
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Muhammad Ali in Pyongyang: A Little Less Love than Rodman

Will Dennis Rodman’s visit to North Korea help improve relations between the isolated authoritarian state and the outside world? It seems improbable, not just because of his limited reputation as a statesman. 786 more words

North Korea

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My Fantastic Life-Changing Experience as a Volunteer in Parkinson's Disease Research Trials: https://foxtrialfinder.michaeljfox.org/

I wanted to share with you all today the Parkinson’s Disease Research Trials that I participated in recently in New York City through the Michael J. 848 more words

Muhammad Ali - Why Wealth is Important

Power of Money

Money is important because it will provide you with shelter, food, electricity, heat, a/c, water, gas, transportation, medicine, other needed materials. Wealth is important because it will buy you time freedom, financial freedom, education, great health, dream lifestyle, influence, the ability to provide for others less fortunate, and it requires you to build a particular kind of character. 246 more words

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One of the greatest boxers the world has ever seen is the great Muhammad Ali. A controversial American Boxer yet one who left a mark in tge world. 132 more words

Sports And Insanity

What Robin Williams' Death Tells Us About Parkinson's Disease

The death of iconic comedian Robin Williams is still fresh in the minds and hearts of the public, with memorials and acts of remembrance taking place across the country. 392 more words