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Devout Muslim Teacher of al-Qur'an in Madrassa Rapes a 12-Year-old Muslim Girl

by, The Express Tribune | h/t Trop

MULTAN, Pakistan:  Police have arrested a madrassah teacher for raping a 12-year-old girl in Sahiwal on Thursday. The girl, a resident of 39/12-L Chichawatni, was admitted to Chichawatni tehsil headquarters hospital (THQ) in critical condition. 191 more words

Inside Al Nasir Muhammad Bin Qalawun Mosque

The Sultan Al Nasir Muhammad ibn Qalawun Mosque is an early 14th-century mosque at the Citadel in Cairo, Egypt. It was built by the Mamluk Sultan Al Nasir Muhammad in 1318 as the royal mosque of the Citadel, where the Sultans of Cairo performed their Friday prayers. 38 more words


Michael Savage: 'Muslim Sisterhood' runs White House

President Obama appears reticent to help Israel stamp out Hamas once and for all because his administration is being run by a “Muslim Sisterhood,” nationally syndicated talk-host Michael Savage told his listeners… 247 more words


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Can't argue this point and I like the analogue the Muslim Sisterhood it fits!

The New Mid-East Alliances - Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan Support Israel Against Hamas / Muslim Brotherhood...

For those who do not follow the ebb and flow of radical Islam in the region of Mid-East and North Africa the discussion of the current conflict in Gaza can be a little confusing. 357 more words

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Good must read analysis it is right on and consistent with the small percentage of us that actually know what is going on!

Kata Dalam Al-Qur’an

(yaitu) seorang Rasul dari Allah (Muhammad) yang membacakan lembaran-lembaran yang disucikan (Al Quran),
(QS: Al-Bayyinah Ayat: 2)


Kata Dalam Al-Qur’an

dan kamu (Muhammad) bertempat di kota Mekah ini,
(QS: Al-Balad Ayat: 2)


Kata Dalam Al-Qur’an

Kami akan membacakan (Al Quran) kepadamu (Muhammad) maka kamu tidak akan lupa,
(QS: Al-A’laa Ayat: 6)