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Ramadan Log DAY 23: I Belong in the Kitchen

So as I’ve been spending my days either reading Qur’an, sitting at my laptop, or out of the house, my poor room has been severely neglected. 1,026 more words

Ramadan Log

Muhammad Fails the Test of Prophet hood

Muhammad’s death shows that Muhammad failed the test of prophet hood. The punishment announced in the verses is quite specific. Having seen that Muhammad clearly violated the command against meddling with the alleged divine revelation, it is even more amazing to see the manner in which Muhammad expired. 1,038 more words


New Book on Prophet Muhammad's Adopted Son Zayd

by David S. Powers*

Muhammad may not have had any natural sons who reached the age of maturity, but Islamic sources report that he did adopt a young man named Zayd shortly before receiving his first revelation. 448 more words

Ramadan Log DAY 22: The Ramadan "High"

Gosh, with every new day, I can feel Ramadan getting closer and closer to the end! There are only eight, maybe even seven days left! I am super excited for Eid, and of course looking forward to the relief from the constant diligence of fasting and being on super-Muslim mode, but at the same time I’m kind of sad. 884 more words

Ramadan Log

There are no authorities: Stop block quoting to make a point (a short rant)

I’ll be honest, when I’m reading someone’s blog and they have a block quote by a philosopher to lend credit to their position on something, I usually skip the entire thing. 375 more words


Devout Islamic Mullah Violently Rapes a 10-Year-old Muslim Girl in Mosque

Dr. Hassina Sarwari, the head of Women for Afghan Women, showed photos of a girl who reported being raped by a mullah. Photo courtesy of: Bryan Denton @   1,497 more words

Allah's arsenal against devils: The Quran thinks stars are missiles

I’ve already written about the bible not understanding what stars are, so I’m not going to harp on that. This is a post to highlight the hilarious scientific ignorance about stars in the Quran. 324 more words