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Who Moved the Qibla?

It seems critics have invested tremendous time and resources into formulating talking points against Islam. What sometimes sounds like an innocent question is really just opening the door for a challenge. 2,888 more words


Muslims blows up 50 people, including children, and injure 70 at Volleyball match in Afghanistan

Published time: November 23, 2014 14:19, RT

Reuters / Andrew Burton

A suicide bombing has reportedly killed 50 people at a volleyball tournament in eastern Afghanistan, local officials say. 350 more words

Muslims WorldWide

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More civilian killing from the Islamist Jihadists!

UK Muslim MP: Over 2,000 Britons fighting for Islamic State

Labour MP Khalid Mahmood says 2,000 jihadists have travelled to Syria and Iraq from the UK – a fourfold increase on official estimates.

Khalid Mahmood: Hardliners being paid thousands to advise young, at-risk Muslims. 1,108 more words

Muslims WorldWide

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Western Civilization as mostly practiced in American Briton and the EU is of judo/Christian heritage and based on 5,000 years of history and learning. No other belief structure is compatible with what we commonly believe. Therefore it was a major in not civilization changing, mistake to lets others into our culture that did or do not share these beliefs; Islam, in particular, is tital incompatible with our way of life and so its no surprise there is so much violence perpetrated my those that practice Islam.

ISIS continues its state-building project unabated

Dr. Theodore Karasik

Despite coalition air strikes, ISIS, or the Islamic State (IS), is a very dangerous group set on state development. It is not terrorist nor insurgent; ISIS represents a group that mixes extremism with state-building designs. 1,089 more words


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They have not been stopped and maybe not even slowed down!

Saudi Arabia May Go Nuclear Because of Obama’s Iran Deal

By Eli Lake and Josh Rogin:

President Obama wants an agreement with Iran to prevent a Middle Eastern nuclear arms race, but it’s pushing Saudi Arabia toward its own nuke program. 503 more words

Counter Jihad Report

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The Saudis control the oil market is also the home of Islam, they are also Sunni (about 75% of Islam) and many are of the Wahhabi sect which spawned Al-Qaeda. Iran who is building the Bomb is Shea (about 20% of Islam) and the home to the other major Islamic sect so a nuclear Iran can not be tolerated by a non nuclear Saudi Arabia.