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Hindu Muslim Unity: Hindu brahmins participate in Shia Ashura

DELHI:  Indian Shiites commemorated Ashura, which for them is a day of mourning that honors the martyrdom of the Imam Husain, grandson of the Prophet Mohammad, who was supposedly killed at the 7th century Battle of Karbala. 230 more words

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Muharram ma shu jaiz? shu najaiz? - gujarati

મુહર્રમ માં શું જાઈજ? શું નાજાઈજ ?

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મૌલાના તત્હીર અહમદ રઝવી – બરેલી,યૂ.પી


ખલિફાએ હુજૂર તાજુશ્શરીયહ,

હઝરત પટેલ શબ્બીર અલી રઝવી – દયાદરા,ગુજરાત 6 more words

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Visualising tweeters during the first 10 days of Muharram

Muharram is a month that Shi’ite Muslims observe with sorrow and grief, mourning for the Leader of the youth of Paradise, Imam Hussain, who was martyred along with his family members at Karbala. 476 more words


1st Quarter in the Books! Parent-Teacher conferences 11/28, 7:30-12

Alhamdulillah we have completed the first quarter of school. Letters were sent home reminding parents of the parent teacher conferences to be held for the boys’ school on Friday, 11/28. 161 more words

David Coolidge: 10 Tips to make MSAs more Shi'i-Friendly

10 Tips to make MSAs more Shi’i-Friendly

For 7 years as a student (undergrad and grad), and 6 years as a chaplain, I was directly involved in campus Muslim life. 892 more words


Why these Hindus celebrate the Muslim festival of Moharram – Ishaan Tharoor

These days, we’re accustomed to news of sectarian violence out of South Asia. This week, Pakistan witnessed yet more vigilante murders of allegedly blaspheming Christians. The specter of Hindu-Muslim tensions in neighboring India, which have previously bubbled over into strife, seems to forever hang over the country. 361 more words


For Hussaini brahmans, it’s Muharram as usual

NEW DELHI: As Muharram passed off peacefully in the capital amid heavy police presence on Tuesday, a group of brahmans in east Delhi were wondering what the tension was all about. 124 more words