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Chapter 1–When The Rose Meets A Shark

My name is Rose Wither, I just moved to twinbrook. I was born and raised in Sugar Valley but I just wasn’t a fan of the all chipper berry sims. 810 more words


16 Reasons Mulan Is Actually A College Student

From BuzzFeed

Mulan’s real legit. She saves China and all that. But she’s more relatable than you’d think.CLICK HERE to go to BuzzFeed.


Princess (?) Mulan

Mulan is a hero and there’s no doubt about it. She is also loosely based off of the character Hua Mulan from the ancient Chinese poem Ballad of Mulan. 179 more words

Disney Princesses

Mulan and her sense of honor

I read this article on Hello Giggles on Disney films that are empowering for girls and while I love the recognition that empowering films get from this article, I do think that the author is skewing a plot point of Mulan in order to argue for its role in empowerment. 74 more words

Mercy Theatre 2013-2014 season comes to a close

After an amazing year of Mercy theatre, the season has finally come to a close. The season started off with the hit musical “Beauty and the Beast.” This show was record breaking for Mercy with all nights selling out! 266 more words


Mercy Theatre brings 'Honor To Us All'

Mercy theatre put on its last show for the year: “Mulan.” The show consisted of the students in the freshmen and sophomore drama classes and the junior drama classes choreographed. 168 more words


Case Studies in the Art of Prince Charming: M


I know what you’re thinking. “But she’s a girl.”

Seriously, though. Let’s get down to business.

Series/Book/Movie: Mulan

Who She Loved: Her family. 409 more words

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