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Conspiracy Theories: Sheroes (Part I b)

I love gender-bending.  Absolutely love it.  Whether it’s for personal aesthetics and expression or to pass as a dude to gain certain privileges, it’s freaking awesome.   1,344 more words


I am Mulan

Lately I have been watching plenty of Disney movies, because I am not prepared to grow up yet, and it has got me thinking. Thinking about which Disney princess I would be. 388 more words

Disney men... Princes?!

I recently went to see Disney on Ice. And as expected, it was magical. But now I have been thinking, why are all these fairy tales always from the princess’ view? 669 more words

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Case of the Mondays!

So to start it off I had to bust of the Cinnamon tea again……long day, but really it was more to stay warm! I work at a cryogenic engineering company so we work at liquid nitrogen temperature and below, now the office isn’t that cold but it is still really cold. 1,186 more words

Two New Movies and the Song – Week 26

This past week Camila Daya and I watched Beauty and the Beast dubbed in Mandarin twice (and she watched it couple of additional times in English). 448 more words

I’m sure you’ve all noticed how much I love Disney… If you missed that you clearly haven’t been paying attention, or you’re new – hello, welcome, please click follow – anyway, I thought I’d share this. 47 more words