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Hippie Problems

Have I mentioned it’s hot? Just in case, it’s really hot. Does that excuse me from not posting lately? I think so.

I made a trip to… 260 more words

Pizza, Timing, and Mulch

I bought this delicious gluten-free pizza~ unfortunately for me…no gluten :(   ~and popped it in my always faithful toaster oven. (These table top ovens are great for smaller meals and save on heating!) Unfortunately, I didn’t use a timer. 541 more words


Griffith Mates brave the rain in Fox Gully

By: Michael Fox

I was very proud of our Griffith Mates partners today. Rain and mud did not stop Camilla and Mia.

The rain meant it was unsafe to work removing Fishbone Fern on the steeper areas of the gully, so our focus was restoring and strengthening the silt filters along the… 242 more words


13 Years of Mulch

If the rain lets up, today I’ll finish the new walls on the old Mulch Bin, filled with beautiful black earth!

Watch tomorrow when the sun comes out for a photo of the finished project: Including 14 years worth of mulch and top soil.

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Concrete Edging Process

On occasion, I get the chance to tag along for an installation.  Funny, but the guys never seem to think about taking pictures.  Me?  I like to show how the landscaping looks before, during, and immediately after concrete borders are installed.  458 more words



How to Make Mulch

Kitchen Garden Mulch

How to Make Mulch


  • Determine how much mulch you need to have to cover your flowerbeds. Most mulch needs to be several inches deep.
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Spring, and thoughts turn to mulch

I noticed yesterday that the stonefruit trees have budded and are about to unfurl. Despite little winter rain, the perennials (rhubarb replants, globe artichokes, strawb runners) are beginning to move again  and the annuals (garlic, broadies, greens) are adding bulk and height.  577 more words

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