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It'll grow

THE Beast is going through a bit of a phase at the moment where he freaks out meeting new people and has a meltdown if he even thinks that I might be considering leaving the room. 500 more words

Very few birds in late December

I stopped by to visit my buddy Big Red. When there are no other birds around you can always count on Big Red to be there. 119 more words

Bird Photography

Fear and (self) loathing in the tattoo parlor

As a teenager in the suburbs, there’s not a ton to do. Most kids wind up committing to being jocks or scholars shooting for the Ivy League purely from lack of diverse choices alone. 1,096 more words

True Stories

And so the story begins

I decided this year 2015, I would create a collection of paintings sharing my memories of a part of my childhood. The part I choose to share are some of my favorite memories from spending my summer’s at my Grandparents house on Dauphin Island ,Al.  770 more words


Shouldn't They Have Mullets?

There’s a manhunt on in New York City after two suspects in a robbery opened fucking fire on police wounding two officers.  After shooting at the officers the suspects they hijacked a Camaro making you think they’d be two white fuckers with mullets, but NYPD Commissioner William Bratton described them as two Hispanic men in their mid-to-late 20s. – Source

Fucking U.S. News