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Famewhore - Billy Ray Cyrus

Well where to start.

I guess I should start off by stating that the only thing worse then the albums he produces, is the offspring he produces. 156 more words

Famous For No F'n Reason

My First Mullet – The Bonus Mullet

July 17, 2014

Wrote a new poem today. This one is the 9th installment of my infamous “My First Mullet” series (the other eight are not yet on WordPress). 532 more words


Billy Ray Cyrus' "Achy Breaky Heart" - Throwback Thursday Lunchtime Leftover

It’s Throwback Thursday and that means you get to hear great songs from the 80′s, 90′s and the early 2000′s that you don’t get to hear everyday on K-FROG. 164 more words


Bad Haircuts

So, we all know it’s a been a good day when you’ve seen a mother holding the hand of a young boy with a shaved head, and a mullet trailing behind him. 91 more words


Malibu Lagoon Fish Life

According to Wikipedia, Striped Mullet goes by many names, including:  Black mullet (Cuba, US), Bully mullet (Australia, Vietnam), Callifaver mullet (Cuba, Netherlands Antilles, US), … 488 more words


Hey 1985 called, it wants its mullet back......

My friend was telling me about a disastrous blind date she was set up on. Now to be fair, this wasn’t your run of the mill blind date, this was her best friend setting her up with one of her cousins. 304 more words

Mullet Super Wig Blonde Trailer Trash Joe Dirt Costume Essential

A sexy witch is made of more than just a witch costume. She needs the accessories mentioned below:

Other Halloween sexy costumes for girls and women include the GI girl costume, the saloon girl costume, sexy cheerleader costume, goddess of love costume, cruise ship cutie costume, adult Minnie mouse costume, prep schoolgirl costume, Japanese doll costume, sexy nurse costume, sexy flirty costume, American all-star baseball costume, gangster girl costume, chamber maid costume, sexy Indian girl costume, sexyDorothy costume, warrior princess costume, French maid costume, naughty soldier girl costume, dark angel costume, queen of hearts Halloween… 211 more words