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The Automatic Haircut

Don’t you hate it when you unevenly trim your neckline or accidentally slice the top part of your ear when you’re giving yourself a haircut? THERE HAS GOT TO BE A BETTER WAY! 177 more words


The skullet

What do Hulk Hogan, Benjamin Franklin, William Shakespeare and David Crosby all have in common?  They all rocked a skullet at some point in their lives.   408 more words


Mullet by Aidan Cox

Due to a boat trip cancellation, we found ourselves looking for options for last Wednesday. We decided to give the mullet a go for our first trip after them this year. 258 more words

Shore Fishing

LGBT Jewish stuff is more fun than regular Jewish stuff

Guys I did the coolest thing this weekend. So I’m a very lax Jew; I went to Shabbat services a few times in college, but in the last 5 years I haven’t gone once. 317 more words


Morose Musings on Mollusks, Mullets and Mercury

These are merely random musings, and do not necessitate any 9-1-1 calls.

I hate Hump Day, and I hate people who say Hump Day. I’m pretty sure literally everyone feels the same way.

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Casey Cochran, UCONN’s starting quarterback, rocks a dirty blond mullet with racing stripe sideburns and a mustache.  His throwback look makes Joe Dirt look like a pussy. 104 more words

a mullet & a fib

My pumpkin head is growing quite the mullet. It’s the only way his hair wants to grow. I think he would look so adorable with a short haircut but I mean…what would he twirl? 547 more words

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