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Mulligan - #ThinkKit Day 12

We’ve put another quarter in the slot – free play! Hit the reset button on a moment this year: what would you do over? Whether or not you analyze your actions – how would you act differently? 280 more words


After a sharp start, ART’s ‘O.P.C.’ loses steam

CAMBRIDGE – There’s nothing wrong with educating and informing as long as you’re entertaining along the way.

So playwright Eve Ensler has every right to rail against the wasteful society we live in her new play “O.P.C.” 744 more words


Mini Golf with the Men

Lazy Sunday, especially when we were supposed to leave the house earlier than we did. The plan was to go shopping for Christmas presents. That plan derailed as soon as in conversation about Chris’s goddaughter, he instantly remembered one of his baby cousins was turning 1 today. 180 more words


A State of Mulligan

Have you ever had one of those days where everything just feels right. One of those days where for just one second you get take a deep breath, let the stress go, drop your worries and just smile… 348 more words

The Mulligan, Part II

So here’s the deal.

I write this book. The great American Novel, Book 1 of a gazillion. Destined to turn the literary world on its ear. 505 more words


The Mulligan, Part I

According to Dictionary.com, a mulligan is a shot not counted against the score, permitted in unofficial play to a player whose previous shot was poor. 557 more words