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Playing Well Together: Facebook Helps Live-Sports TV Advertisers Increase Reach

Big games mean big audiences. For the 2014 Super Bowl, some 111.5 million viewers tuned in to watch the Denver Broncos challenge the Seattle Seahawks, giving brands a chance to reach the largest TV audience ever recorded, according to Nielsen.1 And across the pond in Germany, a record 34.66 million people watched their team triumph over Argentina’s in the 2014 FIFA World Cup final, marking the highest-ever viewing figures for German television.2 1,384 more words


Limited by Design

Given the enormous range of capabilities that most modern tech devices now have, it’s understandable that expectations for new devices continue to grow. It seems as though each new gadget should have all the features and functionality of its predecessors, and a few more unique ones of its own (oh, and the more of these new features, the better). 873 more words