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In one generation, the minorities of the US will be the majority of the country

The quotation is from Colin Powell on Meet the Press last year making the point that the Republican Party is running the risk of alienating the “new majority” while trying to ensure the support of the fringes of the “new minority”. 712 more words


Malaysia: My Birth Country (Part 1/4)

A multi-ethnic society

Malaysia is the country where I was born. Subsequently, I stayed in this land for fourteen years. As its national anthem begins: … 319 more words


Character Sketch

Yes. That was literal.
For months I’ve had an overwhelming desire to visually represent some of the characters and events in the novel I will likely continue to work on for eternity. 101 more words

Visual Stuff

The Hive Church's Core Values

Me: “Do you know our core values?”
A Leader at The Hive Church: “Uh, Jesus, Gospel, Discipleship…I’m sorry man, I don’t know exactly the way we have it worded.” 633 more words