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"Shaping Your Dream on a Daily Basis: Working in Clay"


“Follow your dream,” is Jennifer Ranz’ mantra and it is something that she does every day. She is a working artist and mother, who successfully sells her ceramics and giclee fine art reproductions of her stunning watercolors. 774 more words

I'm no poet.

Some days I’m not sure I’m even a writer.  Writers are like that.

But Monday I took a small carton of blackberries to my friend and she wrote on a social media post: “Yum. 498 more words

The End of Year One by Robbie Rhur


By the end of year one, almost to the day, I moved all my furniture, bed and books out of the storage unit and into the Tudor. 598 more words

The Main Cast

I probably should have started out with a post like this. Once I learn more about blogging (in 10 years or so) I can probably arrange these into categories.  286 more words


One Week.

The first seven days have been exhausting (see above). It would have been easier if I could have taken some time off from work for the move but things don’t always (ok, basically never) work out perfectly. 280 more words


Multi-Generational Households.

This type of living situation used to be the norm. Some of you may be able to remember the round of ‘goodnights’ in the multi-generational Walton Household. 608 more words


Move In Weekend

Well, after one long weekend, we are all moved in and semi-settled. It was an exhausting couple of days. This was a little different from our last 4 moves. 490 more words