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Underwater Mortgage Letters to Gov. Reps.

So I sent emails to the John Stewart show regarding Julian Castro’s comments regarding underwater- mortgages, crap, he was spewing crap.  I then figured WTF, so I sent out seven more emails to all my gov. 516 more words


You are a Caregiver Now

Either by intent or default, you are now the primary caregiver to an elderly loved one. If by intent, you have hopefully taken some time to plan. 619 more words


Words once Spoken

I knew, this summer when my son turned 19 it was going to be a turning point. To me, it meant that after ten long years of not being able to see him, that it was now an option. 2,846 more words

Adoption - General

A lesson from Mrs. Katz and Larnel

From time to time I read a book and just say “wow” when I am done. When my four year old requested that I read Mrs Katz & Tush for bedtime one night, I really wasn’t sure that she would enjoy it. 594 more words

Books For Ages 6-10

Will Our Children Have Faith?

It may seem strange to consider Judaism a missionary religion. Yet the Pharisees are described as “compass sea and land to make one proselyte.” (Matthew 23:15) Rabbinic Judaism, the product of these Pharisees, saw in Abraham and Sarah the models for those who converted non-Jews to Judaism, speaking of them as “making souls.” (Cf.

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the archambos + the feuerborns: family portrait

What do you get when you have 3 families, 3 generations, 4 darling kiddos, and a beautiful August day?

One super fun photo shoot!  Especially when all of the people in these photos are some of my favoritest people ever. 90 more words

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