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Make like a Lumberjack

Before we could start construction, we needed to get a few little things out of the way.

Actually, they were quite a few big things; … 215 more words


Boomerang Girl

Welcome to the new generation. It’s a generation of young people living with their parents who in turn live with their parents. Sounds weird? That’s what I thought too. 154 more words


Exquisite Corpse Tour


Exquisite Corpse Tour created by:  Marianna Pegno, Traci Quinn, and Morgan Wells

Author: Marianna Pegno, Associate Curator of Education,  Tucson Museum of Art

Becoming an Adult

It is generally agreed upon that, in order to become an adult these days, you need to get a good job, buy a home, have a couple kids, put one or two new cars in the garage, and, when the time is right, upgrade that “starter home” you fell in love with to one that more appropriately matches your growing status and collection of stuff.  1,333 more words

Consume Less

Multi-generational Abuse

I’ve been wanting to write about this for about a week.  However, every time I start, I find I don’t really know what I want to say.   1,865 more words

Worshiping Together: Part II- New Signs

In Part I, we looked at a peculiar story in the Old Testament in which God made clear the importance of all of God’s people worshiping and learning together. 750 more words


September 12, 2014 --- young

Our five year goals.
In 2019 we are…
Making a difference among the young: children, teenagers, and young adults find us attractive and meet Jesus through our ministry.   724 more words

5-year Goals