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The Sims 4- Thoughts

I know I’m a bit late, considering TS4 has been out since early September and I’ve actually had it since middle of September.  But I figure with the newest patch and content that came out and with the announcement of the first new content for purchase that will be out, thought I might as well through up my thoughts on the game as a whole. 393 more words


Organizing Our Time When Multi-Tasking Is Required

Previous healthymemory blog posts have discussed the costs of multi-tasking. Overall task performance suffers, and there are additional costs entailed in switching between tasks. Nevertheless, there are times when some type of multitasking is unavoidable, and they are discussed in the Organizing Out Time Chapter in Daniel J. 582 more words

Transactive Memory

Managing the Holiday Chaos...and Looking Good While Doing It

It’s December 15th and I keep having to remind myself to settle down and just namaste through the holiday season.  Common phrases in my head include:   298 more words



You humans think you are so brilliant with your smart phones and computer games that you play while you’re watching TV. I can multi-task even better, without needing any store-bought devices to help me along. 169 more words

Dog Writer

Pay Attention

I’m a multi-tasker. I will be in a meeting, looking through spreadsheets, while Skyping with a colleague and answering emails. And browsing on Amazon, of course. 575 more words



There is a reason this is a well-recognized joke. Sometimes, starting over is the only solution. Do over. Reboot.

I was dismayed to learn that my boys had two full weeks off from school for winter break. 1,189 more words


No One Warned Me!

1. “Sniffing someone else’s bum will be a daily occurrence!” 261 more words