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Perfect Saturday morning.

I started the morning off with a little honey toast bread and one of my recent Easter dyed (oven-hard boiled) eggs.

I had on the… 478 more words


15 Ways to Find Time to be Creative When You're Incredibly Busy

How to find time to be creative when you’re incredibly busy*:

1. We make time for things that are important to us. I used to work in a warehouse from 5am – 1pm. 822 more words

Pay And Perks

     (29 Oct. ’06)

            The course of my life hasn’t allowed me to pursue a single career. I can never claim to be an ‘expert’ at anything because I’ve never worked at any single thing for more than five years at a stretch. 653 more words


Lately studies about mindfulness seem to be all over.  I actually found myself reading a parenting magazine this week.  I know, I can’t believe I actually read a parenting magazine.   467 more words

Here In the Age of Distraction

Lately, I’ve seen multitasking becoming a cultural life epidemic.  People strive to balance many tasks all at once and to still pay equal attention to them all.  970 more words



This is one of those rare mornings when the song in my head is the same one as yesterday. The words repeating in my ears are, “even if it’s just to speak Your name, I’m gonna pray.” So I made my coffee and headed to my studio, and hit my knees. 437 more words


What causes multi-tasking?

While working today I noticed I multi-tasked much more than usual. Why?