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Is having a headache the perfect timing?

I do know there are wives out there that may think of this question as absurd, but isn’t having a headache during the time when your husband may be having a craving and you are definitely not in the mood perfect timing or what? 187 more words


Lesson Learned: I Ran Out of Time

By Fran Pruyn, CRSA Director of Marketing and Business Development

Everything takes longer than you think it will.

I have always prided myself on my time management.  443 more words


Handling A Difficult, Impatient and Distracted Audience

In a networked world, broadcasters are forced to compete for attention. Multitasking consumers are split between several platforms – they might watch Home and Away while reading the news on their tablet and texting friends with their smartphone. 588 more words


My First Official Google+ Free Post! //Plans....

And I do feel great about the newfound freedom!  I’m already plotting out my Saturday!  I did do a bit of cheating earlier (head hung low, in guilt)   357 more words

Waiting games

If I’ve learnt anything about time management, it’s that multi-tasking is a myth. Sorry, women, but it really is. Science has shown us that your brain can focus on only one thing at a time. 152 more words

NO multi-tasking

It is the ultimate empty-caloried brain candy.  Instead of reaping the big rewards that come from sustained, focused effort, we instead reap empty rewards from completing a thousand little sugarcoated tasks.

853 more words

Ready for the next audiobook...

I just completed my latest audiobook “Water for elephants” and I enjoyed it greatly. All the time while listening to it I had the feeling I had seen the movie about it, because there was some recognition. 307 more words