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5 Ways to Survive Working from Home During the Summer While Keeping Your Kids From Becoming Techno Zombies

Or how I learned to embrace looking like I live with wolves.

The benefits of working from home are easy to enumerate. I don’t have to leave my kids to their own devices all day or stock up enough favors to have my neighbors look after them.  1,192 more words


My favorite Shopping & Coupon Apps to make your life Simpler!

 I have a confession to make and I’m thinking I’m not alone on this one. I suffer from “Acute Time Delusion Syndrome.”

What is “Acute Time Delusion Syndrome” you ask?   674 more words


At the End of the Day

As I cruise uncertainly through the Seventh Decade, the unexpected nature of my recent life changes dictates a need to ‘multi-task’ – a term used almost exclusively by women of a liberal tendency in their never-ending search to prove that Men Are Crap and Women Are Perfect (MACAWAP). 817 more words

At The End Of The Day

I'm not just a teacher...

I’m not just a teacher, I’m…

A librarian

Teaching my children the joy of reading, as well as introducing them to the amazing fantasy world they can escape into just by sitting down with a good book. 691 more words


1:  boundary, limit
2:  goal, destination

What is it to have purpose? And why is our culture so incredibly, ultimately, and undeniably obsessed with making sure we all have one … at all times?  820 more words


A Mindful Clearing

At any given point I may be swamped with multiple projects, work, classes, life, etc. Regardless the work must be done.


Discover Your Leadership Trail

400th Post on WordPress!

We’re living in a technological age where almost any type of work can be outsourced to far-away countries, where labor market skill needs of employers are out of balance with the supply (what people have to offer) and where instantaneity and multi-tasking are robbing us of the down-time so important to personal reflection, inquiry and learning. 805 more words