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Video: Watch Luigi Benetton and Jane Langille discussing productivity tips and techniques at our January meeting

At the January 2015 meeting of EAC’s Toronto branch, technology and business writer Luigi Benetton spoke with editors about how to use technology productively during your workday, and health and business writer Jane Langille explained the latest neuroscience about multi-tasking, the health risks of too much sitting, and what you need to know about using a standing desk.


Multi-tasking is not good for you

Why the modern world is bad for your brain

Our brains are busier than ever before. We’re assaulted with facts, pseudo facts, jibber-jabber, and rumour, all posing as information. 99 more words

Behavioral Economics

Multi-tasking? Yay or Nay?

I just read another article from a pretty solid neuroscience guy who says the modern world is bad for our brain. We answer our phone in meetings to say we can’t talk, we’re in a meeting. 276 more words


The Necessity of English: how our English school in London can help you achieve success

From whatever part of the globe you come from, you most surely have had some kind of contact with the English language. Even though most movies,TV series and webpages are translated in many languages, you still can’t avoid actual contact with our age’s lingua franca. 571 more words

Spending free time deciding what to do with free time...

I don’t have a lot of free time. Most of what I would consider free time, as in time that I’m not at work, is spent with my kids, and pretty significant chunks of that time are spent with… 812 more words

6 Reasons That “Multitasking” Is Ruining The World And Your Life

It’s hard to think of any one moment where I’m not juggling three or more things at once. I walk down the sidewalk while texting, drinking coffee, navigating streets driven by cab-drivers who have never heard the word “pedestrian.” The world we inhabit, it seems, demands that every person be doing something while doing something else while doing one more something else. 960 more words