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Foundations: American Education Present and Past

Session 7: All Things Considered

As an educator, one must realize that when working within a classroom filled with different cultures and backgrounds, everyone is not going to have the same approach to learning or reaching their goal. 356 more words

Multicultural Education

Building Teacher Professional Learning

One of the benefits of leading an international school is the opportunity to engage in a mix of cultural backgrounds. One of the challenges of leading an international school is the drawing together of a mix of international teachers. 70 more words


Handling Difficult Situations with Mindful Inquiry

A chapter I recently read on handling diversity in the classroom ended with: “sensitivity alone is insufficient to deliver a quality curriculum” (Davis-Russell, 2007). This observation resonated with me, as a relative newcomer to multicultural education.   507 more words

Colleges And Universities

Does Multicultural Education Improve Students’ Racial Attitudes? Implications for Closing the Achievement Gap

The effects of multicultural education on the racial attitudes of students in prekindergarten through twelfth grade are examined in this meta-analysis. Multicultural education was operationalized for this study as programs and curricula dealing with racial and cultural diversity. 194 more words

Education Reform


Again again again,
and again now to annotate.

A small insurgence, the teaching of this book.
(And in Taiwan, no less).
Let’s make a big wave.
Its name?


Community in the Multicultural Classroom: A Review of the Literature

Learning, according to the constructivist argument, is a social experience, whereby students construct learning with the support of the instructor and fellow students. In recent years, many constructivist and critical educators turned towards building community within the classroom to meet their pedagogical aims, arguing classroom communities are central to knowledge construction, helping students learn how to learn, and helping students work with diverse others in a globalized, multicultural, world ( 2,484 more words

Guidelines for Intercultural Children's Literature: Part I

In the spring of last year, I was honored to receive a grant from the University of the Pacific’s School of International Studies to pursue research into intercultural children’s literature. 214 more words

Intercultural KidLit