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Connecting Multicultural Education and Multiliteracies

by Thomas DeVere Wolsey

During the last year, Dr. Diane Lapp and I had the opportunity to work with several prominent thought-leaders to explore how multiple literacies and multicultural education intersect and promote greater learning and understanding amongst our students. 306 more words


Shortening the distance between myself and others: how meritocracy and individualism make that impossible

One the most important refrains I remember hearing but ignoring in high school was, “It’s not all about you!” Of course, no one literally believes the world revolves around them, but the demands of American culture (to get good grades, to get into college, to land a stable job) do very little to challenge the selfishness required to succeed. 1,560 more words

Reader Response

The Myth of Meritocracy and Why White Mark Has No Culture

It is quite possible that the issue of institutionalized racism stems not from an active prejudice against the other, but rather a passive obsession of one’s self. 1,349 more words


Creating Smooth Transitions For New Students

Rubin is worn out both from yesterday’s move into his family’s new apartment and from worrying all night about not knowing anyone at his new school. 958 more words

Culturally Responsive

What is Culture and Why It Is Important For Teachers to Understand

Did you know that your own cultural background shapes who you are as a teacher? It affects the way you teach, how you teach, how you present information in a lesson, choices you make for your students and how you react to them. 257 more words

Culturally Responsive

Teaching With Culturally Responsive Practices – What it is and Why it is Important

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Alesha is an African American third grader whose parents just moved from Chicago to a small town in Iowa with few minority residents. 538 more words

Culturally Responsive