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前陣子來到了Toowoomba,正式且直接地開始執行任務,起初我很錯愕也很挫折。我所投宿的地方是 Multicultural and multi-faith centre,也就是採訪的核心組織,不過它同時也是佛教淨宗的學院。

既然投宿在此他們就把我當作來修行的佛教徒,必須一同誦經、聽經、做早晚課等等。起初不是很開心,畢竟我是為多元文化與多元宗教而來,但卻好像來到西方取經一樣 (Toowoomba在Brisbane的西邊),事先邀約好的採訪活動,卻沒有受到重視,而自由與時間又因為學院的課程而被限制住了。


幾天之後,心境隨著閱讀與態度的轉變而平靜下來,好不容易總算採訪到了多元文化中心的負責人 Mr.Haniff,任務上開始有實質的斬獲,也更加了解到整個城市的推動狀況以及計劃的緣起。

這個機構是由淨空法師倡議設立的並且找來伊斯蘭教的Haniff先生來推動,主要是希望提倡世界和平與和諧,淨空法師認為世界上的衝突多因四大原因所致:國家、政黨、種族、宗教,而其中又以宗教為首,而宗教又有教化的作用,因此以推動多元宗教為世界和平的方法。這是一個很好聽的口號,卻是難以達成的目標,若有範本供人學習將會更具說服力,而且容易得多,範本就是 Toowoomba。


過去淨宗學會曾在UN和UNESCO的大會上發表此議題,並與澳洲 Griffith University 的 Interfaith centre 合辦過 Interfaith Summit。

從2012年開始澳洲淨宗學會成立MULTICULTURAL and MULTI FAITH CENTRE,致力於在 Toowoomba 推動相關活動,以2018前將 Toowoomba 變成一個 Peace and Harmony 的城市為目標。 13 more words

Multicultural Education

More Random Acts of Cultural Kindness

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Random Acts of Cultural Kindness

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Many bloggers have a certain day on which to post a specific type of content, such as Multicultural Mondays and Wordless Wednesdays. 579 more words

Multicultural Education

The Dilemma of Multicultural Education

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As I have noted in the previous blog post, Singapore is dealing with problems that have appeared due to the cultural and linguistic diversity brought by immigrants. 586 more words


Two Rethinking Schools Books Earn Awards

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UBD Unit

Rain of Gold-Novel Study

Here is my UBD unit. I blended some of the material that I had used in the past to create this unit.

Standard 01. Instruction Planning

Anne Mungai, Ph.D.

Title: Professor and Chair of Curriculum and Instruction

Company: Adelphi University

Location:  Garden City, NY

Dr. Anne Mungai is a professor and chair of curriculum and instruction at Adelphi University. 179 more words

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