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H5 - Honor student potential for roles in the greater society

H5 – Honor student potential for roles in the greater society. This standard means that as educators we should always believe our students have the ability and the right to be prepared for being successful members of the community.  399 more words

HOPE Standards

This Year Is Different

A hypothetical situation:
The past five years has consisted of students who were mainly from the same culture in your third grade class. However, this year’s class is different. 188 more words


Research and Real Life

When looking up research that supports a theory that we want to implement in the class, we find that the research does not always fit well with what can actually happen in the classroom. 405 more words


Why Multicultural Education?

Some may ask, “Why should teachers incorporate multicultural education in the classroom?”

This is a very important question to ask. Why should we teach multicultural education in the class? 651 more words


Layers of Influence

Bronfenbrenner’s Theory is a psychology theory that is known as the Ecological System Theory. This theory explains the spheres of influence that a person has and experiences. 273 more words


In the Classroom

Sometimes it is difficult to come up with ways to incorporate multicultural education in the classroom. Here are a few suggestions that will assist a teacher who is looking to start off with simple ideas. 289 more words


All Things Considered

Foundations: American Education Present and Past

Session 7: All Things Considered

As an educator, one must realize that when working within a classroom filled with different cultures and backgrounds, everyone is not going to have the same approach to learning or reaching their goal. 356 more words

Multicultural Education