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Laci Green

On September 26th, I attended a presentation by the famous YouTube personality, Laci Green. She discussed what rape culture is and how we can “take it down.” Laci Green started her presentation by defining rape culture and presenting some startling facts such as 1 in 7 gay men and 1 in 3 disabled women are sexually assaulted. 348 more words


Education in America - Is it really diverse? (Blog Post #1)

Education as a whole is something that I am thoroughly invested and concerned about. I am looking forward to becoming a High School Biology teacher in the near future. 426 more words

If Not Now, When?

A friend recently pointed out that my blog involves not just thoughts on race, but also thoughts on using popular culture to talk about race. Since childhood, I’ve been an avid consumer of TV shows and movies, but when I set out to explore race in this blog I hadn’t intended to write about events created by others’ imaginations for me to watch. 1,026 more words


Free, online multicultural education journal

Need a stack of Russian nesting dolls? How about a Guatemalan deer mask? EMC provides thousands of artifacts teachers can use as visual and tactile prompts for teaching about world cultures. 83 more words

Why Evidence-Based Leadership? Destination Engagement and Education

Our work with school districts allows us to talk with Superintendents and Board Chairs from school districts to share Evidence-Based Leadership practices. Discussions include:

Creation of measurable goals and aligned leader evaluations that cascade from the district to the superintendent to district leaders; 466 more words

Who's Engaged?

Let the EMC take you around the world

Welcome to the Educational Materials Center blog. The EMC, as is it is often called, is a library embedded in the heart of the Tucson Unified School District designed to be a resource for faculty and staff and to support their professional and educational goals. 156 more words

Celebrating Cultural Differences With the Common Core

As a former educator, I’ve read the continuous back-and-forth debates about Common Core’s effect on students across the country. Yet as a Latina and a former teacher of predominantly Black, Latino, and Asian students, it’s disappointing to find that many of these discussions seem to leave out a critical question: how can we use these national standards to create culturally responsive curriculum for students of color? 1,105 more words

Common Core