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Diaspora Politics: Israel, Ukraine and Russia

More on diaspora politics and interests. I have not seen any coverage in Canadian media of tension between the US and Israel over Israel’s abstention on a UN resolution censuring Russia for its invasion of Crimea. 243 more words


On Passover, speak out against injustice | Farber

A reminder of the historical role that the Jewish community has played in social justice in Canada and elsewhere by Bernie Farber, who is particularly active on refugee as well as a wide array of other issues: 213 more words


Charte: Drainville répond aux critiques de ses collègues | Le Devoir

The debate has started within the PQ regarding the role or not of the proposed Charter in the election results:

Dès le lendemain de l’élection, le député de Lac-Saint-Jean, Alexandre Cloutier, est l’un de ceux qui ont affirmé que le PQ aurait dû « se concentrer sur ce qui faisait davantage consensus » plutôt que de s’acharner à vouloir adopter la charte dans son intégralité.

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New Policy Accommodating Sikh Kirpan at Canadian Missions Abroad

Another application of the Supreme Court’s Multani decision (allow Sikh children to carry the kirpan at school). Reasonable accommodation and responding to community concerns. Timing of announcement, of course, is political (on Vaisakhi) 78 more words


Don't You Just Wish Those Blood Moon Prophecies Are Real?

Cause it should end this nonsense of Pride when it comes to supporting a cop-killer like Mumia Abu-Jamal to be compared to Dr. King…..this is how our country has been reduced to…support and sympathy for a cop-killer who happens to be black and then accuse critics of being “racist” oh sounds familiar?

Red World Order

"multiculturalism"? for whom?

we’re post-racial: we don’t see colour, we don’t discriminate, and in the united states, we’ve even elected a black president! it’s over right? martin luther king, jr.’s work is all done and we’re good to go? 855 more words

Ontario Liberals to target ethnic voters with demographic database software

More on “shopping for votes” and targeting key demographics, this time ethnic communities:

A Liberal source said the software processes census data that can then be fed into Liberalist and matched to individual addresses.

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