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Organized Jewry: Destroyers of Western Civilization

I think too many people still fail to fully recognize the pestilent nature of the work which the Jews carried out within the Western (i.e. White) societies. 4,403 more words


For Somalia, “Team Canada” means more money, fewer jobs

Interesting profile in the Star about returning members of the Canadian Somali diaspora:

A study released last month by the Mogadishu think-tank Heritage Institute notes that “the relationship between returnees and locals in Somalia is complex.”

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Multicultural Britain: Conviviality The Sociological Imagination

Sadia Habib on a number of initiatives demonstrating a more open approach to multiculturalism than often mentioned in the media in the #ShareRamadan social media campaign: 270 more words


Everyone line up: Canada’s tradition of orderly queuing ‘foreign and strange’ to many newcomers

Nice piece on Canadian queuing etiquette:

Nobody is quite sure why Canadians hold lineups so dear, although Westerners are prone to get quite jingoistic when justifying the practice.

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Alright Friends (Particularly The Academically Inclined)

I am pondering possible textbooks concerning the theme of multiculturalism (in DC) for a first-year writing course at Marymount University, which I will be conducting this fall. 45 more words


Splendor Solis II: the Sun, the Crown, the Swastika

The ancient Egyptian civilization is the oldest European (=ethnic term) civilization which you can study and learn from, which makes it the single most valuable source of knowledge about our past. 1,104 more words


Letter: Multiculturalism serves Canada well

Re: The Canadian way: smoked meat on rye at a Palestinian film festival, July 26.

As I read Stephen Maher’s column about Zane Caplansky, a Jewish deli owner sponsoring a Palestine Film Festival in Toronto, I thought to myself: This could only happen in a multicultural country. 175 more words