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Two Historians, Two Fighters

Two historians had a tremendous impact on the way we read United States history today: Carter G. Woodson and John Hope Franklin. These two outstanding scholars sought to overcome racial barriers and demonstrate the important role of Black Americans in the history of our nation. 1,690 more words


Why I Love Melbourne

Recently I went on my first ever guided tour of Melbourne’s CBD. Along with about sixty others, mostly tourists, it was refreshing wandering through familiar city locations while listening to historical commentary from the Melburnian, blonde, university-aged tour guide. 659 more words


Religious Prejudices in India

Due to some recent Tweets regarding Christian education in India, I feel I should share my story about it:

The Indian Next Door ‏@bharat_builder · 16h… 2,063 more words


Deradicalisation; it's not about what you do, it's about who you are

Mohammed Elshimi (University of Exeter) : Identity, Citizenship, and Security: What is Deradicalisation? (PART 1)*

(Notes from BRAIS conference, University of Edinburgh 10-11 April 2014, Panel 3: 1,105 more words

Education Policy

Immigration & Multiculturalism: Manipulative Tools of the Despotic One-Percent

I have written several posts on what I consider to be the negative effects of multiculturalism on American public education. The following article, however, reveals how multiculturalism and immigration are used by the one-percent to cause division among the middle-class and poor, and thus gain more despotic control. 2,337 more words

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A handy thing about living in a multicultural society is that you get to blame all the ills of that society on successive waves of newcomers. 539 more words

My Take: Couillard Pitches Charter Lite

My speculation on what will and will not be included in Premier Couillard’s proposed Charte de laicité:

Will the new premier be able to develop an approach that responds to the concerns of many Quebeckers, while respecting the fundamental rights of each Quebecker, regardless of their religion?

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