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10 Elements of Journalism- by Bill Kovach & Tom Rosenstiel

In 2001, Bill Kovach & Tom Rosenstiel published¬†The Elements of Journalism. According to the American Press Institute, the 10 elements of Journalism discussed in Kovach and Rosenstiel’s novel include: 521 more words

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5 Freedoms in the First Amendment

The First Amendment is probably the most well known of the amendments in the Bill of Rights. It is also one of the most important ones. 425 more words

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Freedom's Journal

***All information courtesy of Newspapers– Freedom’s Journal***

***Picture citations located in the description***

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New York Times Co. vs. Sullivan

In 1963 during the height of the Civil Rights Movement, the case of New York Times v. Sullivan came about which established the term, actual malice. 66 more words

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Katharine Graham

Katharine (Meyers) Graham was born into publishing in 1917. Her father bought the Washington Post in 1933, and Katharine and her husband, Phillip took over the Post in the mid 40s ( 188 more words

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Personal Stylist At Your Service!

There are so many apps I wish were on the market that would totally benefit my every day life. If I were able to create an app, and maybe I will one day, it would be called… 197 more words


Eddie Adams; Pulitzer Prize Winner 1969

Have you ever wondered who is responsible for taking pictures during times of war? Some of the most famous combat photographs have been taken by photographer and photographic journalist, Eddie Adams. 242 more words

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