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Here's who to bribe to get an unfair business advantage in another country

Baksheesh. Payola. Tea money. Bribes transcend culture, and according to a new review of 15 years of foreign bribery prosecutions, they also fly under the radar of most government officials. 250 more words


I work on international multi-media projects involving many people from numerous disciplines. Teams of graphic, digital and information designers, writers, architects, strategists, planners, animators, film makers and photographers are chosen by the client or coordinated by an incumbent consultancy, but the selection criteria is pretty haphazard. 244 more words


Introducing our business challenge series. NPS in a multinational corporate environment.

Our business challenge series is here to help you understand a topic or to provide support for a particular task you might already be working on. 979 more words

Central African Peacekeeping Force Gears Up for Action

Editor’s note: this is a press release on behalf of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs


Source: IRIN, 11/2014… 1,640 more words

World At WAR

LEGO House

The spiritual home of LEGO is a town called Billund in the middle of Denmark. The very first brick was made there in 1958 and the engineering spec is so cool, a brick made then will fit a brick made now like a pea in a pod. 373 more words