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How Microsoft's global footprint is changing with its massive layoffs

With Microsoft eliminating 14% of its workforce, or some 18,000 jobs, you have to expect that its global footprint will change. And according to executive vice president Stephen Elop’s… 261 more words

Australia home to more than 250 nationalities

A new report, compiling data from the 2011 Census, reveals that people born in 252 different countries currently make up the country’s population, highlighting Australia’s reputation as a multicultural nation. 256 more words


The Fundamentals of Multinational Finance 4th Edition

Many managing directors have been seduced by this business finance practice because private equity has produced lots of millionaires from business owners aggressively seeking growth in business. 193 more words

Warning: inciteful

I’m sick of being exoticised. But I don’t want to assimilate. I like being so weirdly mixed. I just wish people could appreciate that instead of constantly joking about it, making fun of it, highlighting it, and making it my defining characteristic. 428 more words

Bosnia: a multinational state?

Bosnia is a country where 95% of the population is made up of constituent nations: Serbs, Croats and Bosniaks. It should be noted that none of these three groups can be considered either a minority or immigrant, as all three are mentioned in the country’s constitution. 739 more words