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American corporations are expanding outside the United States to avoid high taxes

From Investors Business Daily.


Walgreen, America’s venerable drug-store chain, is thinking the unthinkable: relocating to Europe. Not because it sees growth and opportunity there, but because of onerous taxes here in the U.S.

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The Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-sectorol Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC) is an international organization involving a group of countries in south Asia and South East Asia surrounding the Bay of Bengal. 233 more words

Elevated-Egalitarian Endeavors

An urgent need exists for the public to peel off the infectious government love goggles. This anti-intellectualism has to stop. It became rampant during both of the Bush regimes, but honestly there was a lot of hope that the current regime, with the smooth, well-articulated drive toward the restoration of civil liberties would bring in a new era of enlightenment, this was pure naivety in retrospect considering all the humans rights violations–gitmo, for example. 1,920 more words

National Security

My Nominees for the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize

I really like McDonalds! There is just something about it. It must be the way you guzzle down the greasy burgers with watered-down Coke, and the taste of licking the mass amounts of salt off your fingers after finishing a large Fry. 386 more words

Lessons from a 'corporate life'

I am the last person anyone would expect to enter the corporate world.

In college I was more interested in pursuing creativity and forms of expression  from acting on stage to writing and chasing stories with social impact. 671 more words

Rica Facundo

The Amount of Money Hoarded by the Über Elite Will Astound You

from breakingtheset:
Abby Martin breaks down off-shore tax havens for multinational corporations and the 1%, citing the $21 trillion missing from the global economy and the lack of progress made to get that money back.

The Elite, Or “TPTB”

Catalytic Parents = Successful Children?

How did a dyslexic child become one of the world’s most celebrated designers and applied his sheer brilliance to develop products that have stood the test of time? 2,645 more words