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Switzerland "suffering under Brazil's arbitrary tax decisions"

An article in the Neuer Zürcher Zeitung is practically a case study of some of the key issues at stake in the international tax debate. 677 more words

Companies Should Think Twice Before Making Blatant Tax Dodges

Call it inversion reversion. Or, don’t bite the hand that feeds you. After considering a tax-avoidance strategy by which it would buy a United Kingdom based company and move there to lower its tax bill, Walgreens is staying put in Chicago. 680 more words

(What's Left of) Our Economy: China's Tech Extortion Starts to Bite the Multinationals

Forced technology transfer is one of those U.S.-China economic issues that’s chronically neglected by the U.S. government and the mainstream media – primarily because the leading short-term victims fear the consequences of voicing major complaints. 345 more words

{What's Left Of) Our Economy

Cargill's Paltry Poultry Ploy

Hometown multinational Cargill has announced that it is cutting back on its use of growth-promoting antibiotics, and phasing it out for turkeys completely by 2015. That’s really good news because Cargill is one of the nation’s largest turkey producers. 391 more words



I’m grateful to the likes of The Guardian, The Indy, The Times and The Telegraph. Where would we all be without their sage advice and recommendations? 422 more words

BEPS: Priorities and concerns (Tax Journal)

The G20/OECD project on measures to tackle base erosion and profit-shifting (BEPS) appears to be on track despite a very ambitious timetable. But the project is still in its early stages, and there are signs that expectations may be running a little too high. 90 more words

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Stop, you're killing us...

Via Salon and Regeneración:

In the years after NAFTA, the pattern of food exchanges between Mexico and the United States changed significantly, as did the diet of Mexicans. 189 more words