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American corporations are expanding outside the United States to avoid high taxes

From Investors Business Daily.


Walgreen, America’s venerable drug-store chain, is thinking the unthinkable: relocating to Europe. Not because it sees growth and opportunity there, but because of onerous taxes here in the U.S.

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Symptoms of Imperial Soldiers

I am a soldier for the empire, a product of the post nation-state, globalised world. I remember when it first hit me. It was at the job fair hosted at the American University in Cairo in 2008, prior to my graduation. 1,992 more words

'Enemy of liberty'

Sometimes I wonder if the average person realises just how corrosive the issue of concentrated wealth is to any nation. Obviously the Government and mainstream media don’t wish anyone to clue themselves up on this, as their own interests fall very much into the concentration of wealth, and the vast power that comes with that, but it still baffles me how most seem to categorise improving one’s own economic circumstances as interchangeable with enormous wealth concentration by multinationals, hedge fund managers and FTSE CEOs. 370 more words

Start with Big Companies

Maybe this is not my field, but I believe that you never know how you can influence on people.

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The TTIP treaty: Unstoppable plunge into a corporatocracy

This is an English translation of the article “Het TTIP verdrag: Niet te stoppen vrije val op weg naar een corporatocratie” which was previously published on this website.  2,502 more words

Who Will Most Benefit from TPP?



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Since there’s a media blackout on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, DON’T HATE THE MEDIA, BECOME THE MEDIA (Jello Biafra) 27 more words


Het TTIP verdrag: Niet te stoppen vrije val op weg naar een Corporatocratie

Amerika geldt al decennia lang als de onbetwiste supermacht, wiens invloed zich over de gehele wereld uitstrekt. Nu in het licht van de tanende Amerikaanse economie, de continu oplopende – nu al exorbitante – schuldenlast en de opkomst van nieuwe supermachten die het land naar de kroon steken begint Amerika langzaam maar zeker steeds meer als een kat in het nauw rare sprongen te maken om maar haar macht te blijven consolideren. 2,501 more words