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Un-Capitalist Capitalism

Anti-Globalization is an inaccurate term, because Globalization is an inaccurate term. Anti-Capitalist is not accurate either because Neoliberalism is not really Capitalism; it’s an extreme mutation creating enslaved markets, rather than free markets. 122 more words


Political Change or Economic Change?

Is it possible to achieve economic change without achieving political change first?

When political institutions are dominated by the power of the private economy, by multinational corporations and foreign investors, or even domestic private business interests, they become impervious to popular influence. 95 more words


Independence from Corporate Occupation

Achieving economic and political independence is the prerequisite to achieving Islamic government.

If the fight in Egypt is not against the international corporate occupiers, not against the neoliberal conquest and enslavement of Egypt; then it is not meaningful.


U.S. Manufacturing In Strong Condition

Despite falling employment, the U.S. manufacturing base is growing larger, more productive and more competitive

By Theodore H. Moran & Lindsay Oldenski | Georgetown University… 2,111 more words


Yes / No ….Whatever!

Yes or No is a difficult question to answer for people like us.

My parents left their home country in search of a miracle land, where I was born. 177 more words


"The Supranational Corporation: Beyond the Multinationals" shows how corporations flaunt laws and act as controlling powers beyond the legal national constraints

This book by Laura Westra  lays bare corporate actions both domestic and international, under the guise of legal “personhood” that has granted corporations increasing power. As a result, corporate decisions undermine and even nullify legal decisions made by governments designed to protect citizens. 45 more words


I have decided to post this essay I wrote for my Liberal Arts class.



“No sooner is the exploitation of the labourer by the manufacturer, so far, at an end, that he receives his wages in cash, than he is set upon by the other portions of the bourgeoisie, the landlord, the shopkeeper, the pawnbroker, etc.” …

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Human Rights