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Pros and Cons of Multiple Choice Testing

Before writing this post, I graded the tests that the students in my class took last week.  It was the first quarter final exam, and it was based off of our syllabus, and pre-test.   267 more words


Multiple Choice Tests: All of the Above (COURSE PROMPT: Inquiry and Assessment)

When addressing the validity of multiple-choice tests, there are many things to be concerned about. Multiple choice testing can be many things to many students. 740 more words

Teaching Philosophy

7 Strategies for Success on Multiple Choice Exams

In the past two posts, I described how law school multiple choice questions are different than those that appear on undergraduate or high school exams, and we’ve explored some of the common… 687 more words


4 Obstacles to Success on Multiple Choice Exams

Yesterday I explained the difference between law school multiple choice exams and those you took in undergrad or high school. An understanding of those differences is one key to achieving success in your law school exams. 436 more words


Introduction to Law School Multiple Choice Exams

Law school multiple choice exams are not like the multiple choice exams you took in undergrad or high school—law school is a new world, and law school exams require a new approach. 287 more words


Grammar Essentials: Comparison Errors

To master the multiple-choice writing questions on the SAT, you will have to pay attention to subtle yet important rules that are often overlooked in colloquial speech.  289 more words


Writing Test Items for Exams with Power: Part III Multiple Choice Items

Multiple choice items are probably the most popular objective item that are used for test. The advantage of multiple-choice items in comparison to true and false and matching is that multiple choice can assess higher levels of thinking. 420 more words