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Test 1

Petitionis nostrae, quam tibi summae curae esse scio, huius modi ratio est, quod adhuc coniectura provideri possit. Prensat unus P. Galba. Sine fuco ac fallaciis more maiorum negatur. 199 more words


Find The Suspect: Extended Edition

Identify all the suspects! You only have a couple of seconds to memorize their faces, then you’ll have to identify their shadow! Test your memory with this challenging little puzzle. 33 more words

We teachers are often the ones lacking imagination

From Facebook (take it with a grain of salt).

But if this image is true, then we teachers are our own problems. What a simple, superfluous, insipid little assignment. 19 more words

SHAUN JOHNSON, PHD: Musings From The Chalk Face

The Multiple Choice Mind

What’s wrong with standardized tests?

Federal and state governments have been pushing for more multiple choice, fill-in-the-bubble tests in our public schools for decades. Districts, teachers and administrators are labeled as effective or ineffective based on how well their students score on these tests. 1,234 more words

Corporate Education "Reform"