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Ready or Not here comes much more Reality Humanity!

A few days ago Stu, an old Starseed friend emailed me and asked, ‘What do you think has happened with the missing airliner Denise?’  Because I’ve been so very busy with multiple physical doings and non-physical Conscious Creating and Intending and constant escalating Embodying etc., I haven’t even answered him yet but have decided to do so through this short but important article. 1,018 more words

New Consciousness, New Worlds

Can someone kindly tell me what dimension I'm in?

There’s been some doubt over whether my salad at Applebee’s was really the culprit of my Colorado illness. After the “Crapplebee’s Incident” (chronicled in the post below), I still had a job to do and had to do my best to get through it. 433 more words

Angry Bowels

Xerxes' Dinner

Xerxes is one weird guy. He lives in a house in an empty dimension, with some very eccentric characters like his sentient walls and his courier, Prescient Pigeon. 1,123 more words