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Annapolis After Dark

This high dynamic range image of West Street in Annapolis, Maryland was taken during sunset on Easter Sunday 2014. I love the way the green shudders and red brick on Rams Head Tavern, as well as the red taillight trailer going down the road gives the image a nice color contrast. 161 more words


Giving Back: Why supporting my community is the key to my success

i was asked not long ago, at which point would i consider my photography business a success? i had to stop and think about that one a minute because the term “success” can be very subjective. 712 more words



Yesterday I went walking up Kurfüstendamm with camera in hand. Besides being the 5th Avenue of Berlin, it is also one of the most photographed streets in the city. 318 more words


Performance of ‘No Land’ at Teatro Del Arte, Madrid.


Photography by Jenny Swerdlow.

Canon EF film experiment

I’m going to sound old but well, here it comes: when I was a child the memories were recorded with 135mm film cameras. They were compact cameras and very popular, in home dad had a Olympus Pen, a Zenith (Olympic version) and a defective Canon EF camera, this is a FD mount camera, before they made cameras with autofocus and the lenses were EF mount. 467 more words


The Body Abstract

 For this assignment we were asked to produce an image of the body but in an abstract form. My initial idea was to photograph a model based on the style of Bill Brandt’s abstract nudes, but due to not having a model who I could persuade to go naked for me, I decided to photograph myself. 64 more words


multiple exposures contest: which image should i submit for the Save the Bay photo contest?

It’s official! “Yellow Morning Sunrise”, “Early Bird Catches the Worm” and “Little Girl Admiring the World” are the top 3 vote-getters in the Multiple Exposures Chesapeake Bay Photo Contest.

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