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A Huge Thank-You to Bloggers and Friends

I am guilty of taking too much time to express my feelings to all of you, but tonight I swallowed hard and took a deep breath. 289 more words

Multiple System Atrophy

A Strange Day With Al

It has been a day. A day of Al going from not being able to move to Al being able to sit up a third of the way. 253 more words


A Long Chapter in Al's Life

Please forgive me for repeating the topic of moaning, but it doesn’t stop. I heard Al in the wee hours of the morning and gave him some more medications. 318 more words



The most amazing thing happened. To some it may seem nothing or very small but to me it was big.

Al never gave up the moaning. 220 more words


A Pimple Ready to Pop

Saturday Al went into a new chapter I had never been through. With all the years of experience, not once have I heard this. The sad thing is it is driving me absolutely crazy. 503 more words


Is Al Talking to Me or Someone I Can't See

Well my girlfriend is gone. We ran to Wal-Mart to try to find a stethoscope because I thought mine was broken. They didn’t have one and when we returned home my friend had a call waiting that told her that her granddaughter was getting ready to have her baby, so she headed home so she could be a part of this magnificent miracle. 233 more words


I Am Just Plain Pooped Tonight

A very special person who was in Al’s life came to visit him early this evening. Although he didn’t say much I knew by his eyes he liked having her here. 695 more words