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Being a Parent of Multiples means Learning PR Skills

For some reason after I said I won’t blog as much, I suddenly have a flurry of ideas to write about. Three months in as a mother of triplet and I think the comment I have loved the most is from a friend who said I was an overachiever.   920 more words

Valuation: Using the Right Multiple

“The appropriate multiple for a business compared to the S&P 500 depends on its return on equity and return on incremental invested capital. I wouldn’t look at a single valuation metric like relative P/E ratio. 3,414 more words

Business Valuation

Videos for First time Parents and Parents of Multiples

When I was a first time mother, I watched a lot of documentaries and movies on babies and parenting.  When I was a first time mother of multiples, I continued watching a lot of videos on multiples, parenting multiples and C-sections.   365 more words

Goodbye Newbornness

Suddenly the girls exploded in size.  I can feel it when I carry them (they feel bigger).  When I feel their heads (its a lot harder when it used to be quite soft), and when I cut their nails (its a lot easier). 617 more words


We brought the girls out for a walk and oh my god, just getting out of the door was a production. We carried one baby each and had one in the stroller, and Livia obviously walked, or ran more like.   317 more words

Am I a Project Manager or a Parent?

If I stopped to count, I think I get asked five or six times a day, “Can I help?” The answer is never, “no.” Instead, I come up with a detailed response that explains why this is not a good time to pitch in. 811 more words


Vulgar boy

So remember vulgar boy? Yeah. So he thinks I’m crazy hot, and loves to give me the D.
He just texts me, at…. 12:40 am.. To ask if I want to come over. 348 more words