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Time Either Speeds or Suspends

The interesting thing with multiples is how time is compressed – everything happens with them at fast speed and all at the same time.  Before I know it they are a month and a half, and all I remember of the last month and a half was being in a daze.   426 more words

Well, these multiples were 1 in 25 million chance!

That’s right, one in 25 million chance of identical quadruplets.

Naturally conceived Jake, Alfie, William and Sam Thomson are one of only 70 sets of identical quadruplets believed to be in the world. 49 more words


Rock On

Sometimes at night when I am extremely sleep deprived and a little high, I wonder when my life will go beyond the four posts of my bed.   433 more words

it's not that hard, and i'm not that special

Guess what? It’s still October, and it’s still Spina Bifida Awareness Month. Inspired by this post my friend Mary Evelyn wrote last year addressing reader questions about SB, I thought I’d cover a biggie that I’ve never answered before: How hard is this SB/special needs parenting thing day to day? 531 more words


sisterly love

A small, huge thing happened yesterday when I dropped Claire off for preschool.

I was taking her out of her car seat as usual, and she turned to her sister and waved and said, “Bye bye, sissy!” as usual. 85 more words


A short history of my my multiples experience thus far

I started off the semester with the concept of connections. The connections between people and objects and people with one another; and how technology and our material, throw away culture changes our connections. 1,644 more words

Multiples: what they are about

The images in the “Multiples” gallery are an ongoing project exploring the relationship between viewing distance and perspective distance.

Put simply, the viewing distance is the distance from which one would normally choose to view an image. 464 more words