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Healthy Egg Salad

The amount of hard-boiled eggs that one will actually want to consume has no bearing on the thought process to determine how many hard-boiled eggs a trio of children should decorate. 389 more words


Well now we know!

There are two babies in my belly!! Oh my gosh I’m so excited. TWINS! The ultrasound video will be up later today… Just wanted to post this quickly for all those waiting to hear the results.


A Look Back at 10 Months...

Here’s a look back at what changed with Mason and Sydney during month 10:


  • She walks!!!  BIG news, BIG development – my little 19 pound girl walks. 
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A suit surrenders

Yup.  That was about it – the day I surrendered.  I wasn’t actually wearing a suit, but I was doing the corporate thing – a man on a mission to make his mark in the world of project development and construction.  502 more words


Clothes Pins Print

Clothes pins make me think of dress shirts and bed sheets, frozen in the shapes of a windy afternoon. Memories from years long gone.

I bought a box of them at an antique store on a recent visit to Winnipeg. 141 more words



Last year, we were rookies in the March for Babies.   We registered to walk only a few weeks before the big day and made very few preparations. 734 more words

High Order Multiples