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This is one of those rare mornings when the song in my head is the same one as yesterday. The words repeating in my ears are, “even if it’s just to speak Your name, I’m gonna pray.” So I made my coffee and headed to my studio, and hit my knees. 437 more words


Multitasking-A Trick of the Trade

“If you water too much, the problem is, you actually bring the water table up and if you do that too much the result is that you dissolve all of this calcium carbonate here….” I’m sitting in Enviro. 419 more words


*❤*❦*❤* ~ Making Our Way Through & Smiling All The Way ~ *❤*❦*❤*

Goooood Monday mornin’, everyone!!! 


Last week was a crazy, busy week and another ‘full speed ahead’ one is in front of me! Staying immersed in work is a great thing ~ it means there’s income flowing in, gives me the ability to multitask with the highest efficiency, makes me feel good to know I’m being productive and producing results and, because I’m working, it benefits others (those I’m working with and the economy from being able to spend some of what I’ve earned). 212 more words


Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.
~ Zig Ziglar

Focus on your relationship. Don’t get distracted when you are together. 50 more words

A To Z Blog

Slow and steady...

I’ve lived my life as if I’m running a race against myself. I tend to be very occupied with many things and am quick to be impatient. 202 more words

Listening Up

The summer after I graduated from high school a small plane crashed near our house. My brother, father and I were the first to the scene. 592 more words