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I’m biking not driving
I’m on the path
Deleting my history
Stop being crass
I know the hazards are over the grass
I’m confident to multitask… 13 more words

The juggling exercise (What exactly do we know about multitasking?)

Whenever I turn my laptop on or pick up my phone, the multitasking starts straight away. It has become such an unconscious behaviour of mine.  Multitasking seems to be a technique many people adopt and use when they are browsing the internet, doing homework, watching television and connecting to their phone. 332 more words


Dinner is served!

I forgot how much I LOVE my crock pot! Whoever invented that was a genius. I mean, I just throw everything in a pot before I leave the house and then I come home to dinner. 128 more words

Clean Eating


What a concept! Who even thinks about doing one thing at a time anymore? I sure don’t. As I write this I am working on goals for my staff, texting my son, thinking about weekend activities, putting lists together for next week……and the thought processes go on. 297 more words


My space walk dairy.

My imaginary twin-half
My buddy of teen-hood,

Amidst my dream-mares versus foreign planet
I took efforts to gather my determination , each steps heavier , each attention lacks focus ! 369 more words

Logic By Written Words

Crown Brush Blush Palette


I have a few things from Crown Brush UK, I love their brushes and their palettes. I don’t think I’ve bought anything online from them but I do love to pick up brushes and palettes when I see a stand at a beauty show because they’re always that little bit cheaper. 239 more words