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Multi-tasking or Multi-tiring?

I’m chopping onions for dinner and lovingly listening to the other half debrief his day. He’s hanging out the washing, incorrectly of course. Every so often I’m replying to my Mum on… 1,009 more words


Episode 440: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Vampires

“You don’t know what you’re saying! The horror of that hand!”

In yesterday’s episode, vampire-about-town Barnabas Collins was down at the docks, looking for a bite to eat.

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Sam Hall

Three To Do At The Same Time (2014)

1. Eat and watch TV.

2. Read and listen to music.

3. Text and drive.


Of course the third one-

Should NEVER together be done.



One of the easiest ways to move into the career you want — and to get out of the jobs you don’t want — is to become indispensable.   331 more words

The Value Of Employment

Count Calories? Count Your Seconds Too

As our wonderful chef proves above, you can multitask exercising. Believe it or not, everything you do burns calories, and if you move a little more throughout the day, you’ll burn more calories that day! 456 more words


Can You Multitask?

Potential employers constantly ask the same question about a potential candidate’s ability to multitask. They ask, “Can you multitask”? Obviously, we answer in the affirmative. 547 more words

Memorable Meetings And Events

Something to clear the noise...

Look out office, there’s a new sound in town!

I work in an office. A creative office. A large and open creative office. At times, when things get wild in said office, we all put our headphones in and plug in to bust out some amazing work. 45 more words