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Working Hard or Hardly Working

I like to compare the internet to my own personal black hole. Nothing is quite as tempting as clicking on a link. Opening a new tab is like starting a great, new book. 201 more words

To multitask or not to multitask? Is that even a question?

The audience and their place in the media space has been the central theme of my blog posts for my university subject this semester. I’ve written about the evolution of… 642 more words


Multi-task FAIL

I’m not saying I’m a failure or anything but I just wanna know… Am I the only one who has a problem with multitasking because I SUCK AT IT!!! 170 more words


Time management!

Most people are not capable of multitasking, at least while still doing their best work. I think you will find if you just focus all you concentration and energy to one task at a time not only will that task get done faster but it will be done well. 409 more words


Multitasking makes my day blue

What is multitasking? There are somebody can multitask, somebody cannot. But why? My question is, is that consider as multitasking while you are speaking in a phone and hearing someone to say something , at the same time your brain is turning and thinking what that someone said and give respond in after few seconds? 858 more words


Action Tip: The benefits of multitasking areĀ a myth. Studies have shown that people who multitask are less effective than people high on pot.

Do one thing at a time. Your effectiveness will explode.

Living Below Means

Day FortyOne

The best part about having a productive boyfriend is that it motivates me to get my act together too. Seeing the effort my boyfriend is putting into finding a good job when he’s already got a lot on his plate — college, volunteering, working out daily — it makes me feel really proud and lucky that he is working so hard, not only for me but also for himself. 77 more words