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My 14 day style challenge!

Some days (ok, most days) I catch sight of myself in a mirror or a shop window and think “Jesus wept”.

I always have really good intentions of making a bit of an effort to look nice but sleep and relaxation always wins and I find myself with five minutes to get ready while Gwenn is watching a bit of CBeebies. 188 more words


Style matters

The other day I stood in front of my wardrobe for fifteen minutes trying to find something to wear and then cried. I am 32 in a month’s time and I cried over having nothing to wear. 673 more words


A bit of a beauty wish list

I’ve been thinking a lot about making time for mum this week, as it’s something that I haven’t really prioritised, well, ever.

I’ve never really bought into the whole “happy mum, happy baby” thing, not when it comes to me anyway. 561 more words

Style And Beauty

The Mam Wardrobe - Pt. 3: What I bought

Regular readers (ha haaaaaa!!) will know that a few months back I started a mini-series called The Mam Wardrobe. In part 1 I worked out the type of clothes I needed to suit my new lifestyle and in… 739 more words


Tailored shorts for summer days

So, today the idea is that it’s sunny, but we’re not going to the beach.

Shorts are completely practical, but until this summer I’d steered clear of them, thinking they were a bit masculine or a bit scruffy. 274 more words