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Living in Mumbai

I loved the idea of waiting at Punjab Station,India only because of this beautiful view that I had from the place where I was sitting at. 383 more words


A Gujarati Pre-wedding Brunch

I attended a friend’s pre-wedding brunch this past Sunday. It was my first time going to a Gujarati pre-wedding function, and I had a great time. 429 more words


Mumbaikars [Photo Album]

Mumbaikars 005

Mumbaikars 002

Mumbaikars 007

Mumbaikars 006

Mumbaikars 003

Mumbaikars 008

Mumbaikars 001

Mumbaikars 004

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Photo Album

Bombay [Photo Album]

Bombay 001

Bombay 002

Bombay 003

Bombay 004

Bombay 005

Bombay 006

Bombay 007

Bombay 008

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Photo Album

Mickey madness

Ca fait quelques jours que cette vidéo a son petit succès, et c’est très mérité: Mickey y conduit un éléphant obèse et néanmoins magique en rickshaw avant d’arriver à un temple hallucinogène et de se faire offrir l’objet de ses rêves les plus chers… Je vous laisse juger.

Basilica on the hill

What: The altar at Mount Mary in Bandra
Where: Mumbai, India
When: December 2013

Photo credit: Rimi D
Camera: iPhone 5 (phone camera)

Traveller’s Tale: 52 more words

Places Of Worship

Boiling Ocean Of Mumbai

Ubalta Samandar

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Remembering 26/11 Terror attacks of Mumbai

जब दो जोड़ा आंखें.. सपने बुन रही थीं..
समंदर चुप था 99 more words

Siddharth Tripathi