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Why airports are full of hope

But what about airports? Are you among those who hate it? Because it is almost always far removed from the main city, it has an air of – oh-you-can’t-escape-work-for-a-trip about it, and it is too organized for its own good? 293 more words


Living In the Season: Update

Here’s an update on how ‘living in the season’ is going :) 85 more words


My First Actual Book

It’s an embarrassment and shameful. But I will humble myself and talk about it.

The first book in the Battle Series, written and not published by eleven-year-old Audrey Keller, (yes, the… 1,478 more words


Things I'm Gonna Miss About Summer

While my favorite season is fall, most of my favorite memories are from summer.

There is just something so enchanting about summer, it makes everyone feel happy. 124 more words


My Strange Addiction

Okay. I’m going to be honest here. There is something I’m just addicted to, and it’s the strangest thing. 165 more words


What a Weekend...

This weekend, seems like it has lasted about a whole week. We’ve been pretty busy ’round here. Busy enough to keep me from reading.

:o *Gasp* 340 more words