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The spiritual world - magic mumbo-jumbo? No, a method of Achieving Great Things!

Many believe that the spiritual worlds are simply a lot of magic mumbo-jumbo words and actions. But they are wrong! No, the spiritual worlds contain a definite set of actionable methods that work every time to produce permanent, proven results. 1,840 more words

a bored meeting

Smoothing down a suitable tie, the C something O says:

“The Chinese word for crisis is the same as opportunity

We need some actionable tasks to form an overall strategy… 125 more words


Hello My Old Heart

Driving through towns in Haiti, you’ll often see men on the side of the road mixing cement. They will spend hours under the merciless Haitian sun, working at the base of a small mountain of cement powder, pouring it in a bucket, mixing it with water, patting it into bricks, and selling it in the market. 800 more words

God Thoughts

1MMD2014 [84 of 365] Spend too much time in compromise

…you’ll hasten your own demise!

There comes a time, when you get the briefest glimpse of the man or woman you would become.

Do pay attention, as this may be your final chance to guide that Vision and make it manifest in its truest, Ultimate form. 319 more words

Will Masek



Bristol, 3rd December ’08

”Having been taught by more than my fair share of singing teachers I have never met one as utterly professional and dedicated as Pavel. 104 more words

Republican Jesus

No on ever asks:

Have you been thinking about the Bible lately?

Apparently all that matters is that you read it. One-time through should be enough. 161 more words


Words, I puked.

I haven’t had long thoughts as of late. Usually they can be summarised to 140 characters if I try my hardest. But l like to use some words and that usually exceeds the limit. 93 more words

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