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The Measure of a Book

This is my 100th post! Yay!

Look at that cutie!!

I started my blog June 15th… wow. It seems like soooo long ago… but… it’s not… 91 more words


Homework for the Irresistible Fiction Course: The Admirer of a Girl

Here we go! More homework! :)

I will say that this takes place during the Great Depression, so have that in mind as you read. 876 more words


Bank Holiday Monday At Flamingo Land...

Yesterday I, and many others went to Flamingo Land theme park and zoo. This was a day out that started rather peculiar due to the fact I annoyingly had to first travel to the hospital to have another bloods test. 681 more words

Issue #11

Sew Cute!

‘Sew Cute!’ …that was the name of my ‘sewing business’ I had when I was probably… oh… ten? Eleven?

My friend and I started this thing where we would sew clothes for our American Girl dolls and we thought we were like, so amazingly skilled. 228 more words


Why I Stopped Writing My Dystopian

No, you did not misread that title.

I stopped.

Maybe, it is… a temporary thing, or maybe not. All I know, is that for now, it is not a work in progress. 317 more words


No, We Are Not Civilized. Or, Why the 21st Century is Still Stuck in the 12th (The Persistence of Middle-Ages Mentality in the Modern Age)

Hans Rosling has shown us that the world is getting better. We have by far the greatest proportion of humanity moving out of absolute poverty that we have ever had. 443 more words


21 Signs You are Anne Shirley

I found this on Pinterest and it lead me to BuzzFeed.

I loved it, and turns out… I’m definitely an Anne Shirley. We have almost all of these in common. 249 more words