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No, We Are Not Civilized. Or, Why the 21st Century is Still Stuck in the 12th (The Persistence of Middle-Ages Mentality in the Modern Age)

Hans Rosling has shown us that the world is getting better. We have by far the greatest proportion of humanity moving out of absolute poverty that we have ever had. 443 more words


21 Signs You are Anne Shirley

I found this on Pinterest and it lead me to BuzzFeed.

I loved it, and turns out… I’m definitely an Anne Shirley. We have almost all of these in common. 249 more words


Push a Button.

I found this online as a writing prompt, and I started thinking… I would like to know your answers. 232 more words


More Homework to Share: Summer Vacation

More homework to share!

This is a book idea I’ve been thinking about, but I haven’t actually started to work on it yet.

Comment below! 1,208 more words


About... um... My Newest Piece of Work...

So, it doesn’t have a name just yet… but I’m working on it.

I thought today, I’d give you a summary about what I’m working hard to accomplish. 377 more words


Resistance: Part Three

This is part three of my story ‘Resistance’. But–again– some names have been changed, to those of you who have read the previous parts.

‘Scarlet’, is now Anna, ‘Will’ is still Will, but here, I am introducing a new character: Jason. 570 more words


Hi, Ya!

So, I disappeared again! It wasn’t my fault this time. The wifi was out for almost a week. One more day, and I might have gone insane. 407 more words