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Meet the face of Amazon Kindle

We spoke to ‘that cute guy’ in ‘that new ad’. Varun Mitra on his acting career and his experience shooting for Amazon Kindle’s maiden media campaign in India. 782 more words


My Greatest Fear

“What is my greatest fear?” That question has floated around my mind quite a bit lately. Mostly because I am currently re-reading The Mysterious Benedict Society… 296 more words


Pumpkins of Herne Hill

I’m of the generation that doesn’t really get Hallowe’en. Growing up in the South London suburbs, it wasn’t something that happened much. There were ghost stories, and one Great Aunt, who had lived in America for decades, would give us extra sweets while waiting forlornly for local children to come knocking dressed as Communists, but trick or treaters were rarely sighted. 144 more words


The Return

Five years went by in a flash. I haven’t accomplished anything monumental that’s worth noting, but the blogging hiatus hadn’t been bad. Not that my experiences matter to anyone, still, I have retained the good, the bad, and the very ugly in this tiny noggin of mine, which I plan to regurgitate slowly for the sake of entertainment and hopefully some good reads. 7 more words

Mumbo Jumbo

Come at Me.

So here we are… NaNo has started. I have my plan. I have my plot. I have my character sheets at hand. My laptop is charged and ready. 120 more words


Why airports are full of hope

But what about airports? Are you among those who hate it? Because it is almost always far removed from the main city, it has an air of – oh-you-can’t-escape-work-for-a-trip about it, and it is too organized for its own good? 293 more words