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Mummies as Monsters: Reviewing The Book of the Dead

It’ll be obvious from even the briefest glance over my past posts here that I’ve got a strong interest in both archaeology and monsters. Slap-bang in the middle of that Venn-diagram lies (or staggers stiffly around) the Mummy. 2,134 more words

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Learn about 8 Mummies at the British Museum

‘Ancient lives, new discoveries’ at the British Museum was one of the few exceptions to my exhibition viewing, which consists almost exclusively of exhibitions in the art field. 186 more words

Pharaoh's Curse

Pharaoh’s Curse – 1957 – United States

Egypt 1902: Some English soldiers are sent to stop an unlawful archaeological dig. They arrive just in time for the archaeologists to awaken the spirit of an Egyptian priest. 111 more words

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I Blame the Mummies

My 11 yr old child: “I don’t know what I’m going to be.”

Me: “Good, I’m glad you brought this up. Healthcare. Healthcare is the field to go into. 315 more words


How to mummify a person

1. Using a hook pull the brain out through the nose.
2. Cut a hole in the left side near the tummy.
3. Remove all internal organs. 77 more words

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Encountering Corpses

(Warning: this article includes images of human remains)

One of the most popular galleries in any museum is Ancient Egypt, and in that gallery the biggest attraction is often a mummy. 977 more words

Manchester Museum

Carmo Convent

While definitely one of the tourist attractions of Lisbon, the Carmo Convent has remained a quiet place, free from the long lines of the Lisbon tourist season. 114 more words

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