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Gonna Be Starting Something

Being a writer is like being asked to commit to saying “I do” every day. It requires a monumental leap of faith and a belief in yourself that, in the end, you will indeed prove worthy. 1,099 more words


Incentives & Financial Shenanigans

After talking a little bit about incentives, nothing better than debating some of the possible outcomes. As we’ve learned in the previous entry, high paychecks with misaligned terms may be an issue: CEOs feeling pressured about beating analysts’ short-term quarterly estimates may ‘play dumb’ destroying shareholder value in detriment of his own paycheck. 313 more words


Governance & Culture: Munger, Peter Thiel & Netflix Combined

Combining Munger takes on Governance, Peter Thiel’s insights and Netflix HR presentation was fun to delve into intelligent governance frameworks sourced from an equity investor, a venture capitalist and a company. 193 more words


J2's Birthday Blog 2014

J2′s Birthday (which is officially the 16th):  Since J2 is playing soccer this year, we decided to forego a party.  But earlier in March he asked his best school buddy to come to the mini-build at the Lego store.   1,120 more words


More February Fun & First Soccer Game

The rest of February (and yesterday)

First of all I have to start by saying it was 77, sunny, and gorgeous yesterday and it is currently 24 and sleeting/freezing raining. 1,509 more words


Empaths and voyeurs and parrots, oh my...

One clear advantage to getting older is that you care less and less about what other people think. That’s why a blog post like this would have been unthinkable 10 years ago. 759 more words