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Softness, Introspection

Everything natural abhors silence. Sound is comforting. When you listen, submerged in any natural context, you’ll notice it never stops. Everything is talking, the birds and the insects, the sand and shrubs. 129 more words

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hello, Suicidal Ideation
how am i going to turn you down today?
will it be with promises?
that time heals wounds
that this will pass… 115 more words

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Scrap Metal

Heavy, sleepy breathing
Through door frames
In dark houses

A complete suppression
Of sounds
Transmitted through gas.

i was not made to outlast this world, 7 more words

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If i’m honest with myself, i feel like i haven’t been honest in an awfully long time. Not really because i didn’t want the truth, but because i was terrified of it, perhaps, or because i didn’t really believe the truth was indeed the truth, or most probably because i didn’t know what the truth was. 1,093 more words

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