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A night in the museum of London: sherlock launch

Forgive me for sounding cocksure, but I am pretty confident that I would make a fantastic TV detective. Sure, I wouldn’t be much of an asset in a tower-block stair chase, or able to stare down a criminal with a gun pointed at my brain, slowly walking towards them with a withering confidence that caused them to gently hand me the weapon (like my hero… 312 more words

London Life

Offed at the Bake Off is almost ready

I woke up yesterday to find a proof copy of Offed at the Bake Off ready for me to take a look at.  I’m really surprised at how quickly  83 more words


School of Hard Knocks

I still can’t believe it – I barely graduated high school and my teachers thought I would fade into the sunset. So much for opinions and everything for grit; I don’t recommend the school of hard knocks, but if you have to go, go big! 250 more words

We Need to Talk About Kevin: Lionel Shriver- 52/52

My biological clock just left the building.

There is a reason why I picked up this book. I started it a few months ago, but the first couple of chapters were a drag, so I abandoned it. 1,079 more words

52 Books In 2014

Saddest day of the year

I love the fall. In my opinion, it is the most beautiful of all the seasons.

But I hate taking down the garden. still, it has to be done. 241 more words

Salem, witchcraft and religious freedom

A visit to Salem offers numerous opportunities to see dramatizations of the witch hysteria.

Numerous theories have been put forth to explain this frenzy, including one I mentioned in an earlier post – ergot. 302 more words

Murder Mysteries

Mystery solved? Jack the Ripper and the blood-stained shawl

The identity of notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper has long been one of Britain’s biggest unsolved mysteries. Not anymore. According to Russell Edwards, Jack’s name is Aaron Kosminski. 655 more words

Unsolved Mysteries