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Desserts - 18th century style

I use a reproduction of the earliest American cookbook to guide my descriptions of food in my Will Rees mystery series. As discussed in earlier posts, there are not a lot of recipes for the kind of cakes and quick breads we know. 390 more words

Book 1: Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

I finished a book! Only 48 to go. Unfortunately, this was the easiest read on the list. It’s all 800-page Victorian novels from here on out. 1,723 more words

Disease And Illness In Literature

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

It’s been a while since I’ve written an obsessively enthusiastic recommendation of a TV show (I believe the last one was Hannibal, which is currently in its second season and continues to be amazing), and I think it’s high time I revisited the genre. 1,155 more words


Secrets and Lies Series Review

Spoilers for the WHOLE of series 1.

From my episode 1 review:

Eva – I’m not saying she did it, but is her absolute insistence of her father’s innocence simply childhood loyalty, or does she know something else? 718 more words


Prior Bad Acts

In a criminal trial, a judge has to walk a fine line between what is relevant evidence in a case and what is merely prejudicial. This is true of things lumped under the heading of “prior bad acts.” Should a defendant’s prior criminal history be made known to the jury, in order to show that the current crime is part of a pattern? 277 more words


Showtime shoutout

Break a leg to everyone involved in Flandreau High School’s production of my play, An All You Can Murder Buffet. Performances begin tonight at the high school in Flandreau, SD.


More about baking

The replacement for the pearl ash (or pot ash) I discussed in my last post was something called salterus.

Salterus is bicarbonate of soda – yes, the stuff used for stomach acid or whitening teeth. 149 more words