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The Silence of the Emerging Porcupine

“The world,” Gertruida says as she folds the newspaper, “is a mess. You have Al Qaeda running around with bombs, ISIS holding Syria at ransom, North Korea making ominous noises, and Croatia in chaos. 1,024 more words

Short Stories

Add a Good Dose of Adult Play


I stepped into the elevator with four other people, laughing and chatting, until we saw the gun.

It was orange and filled with water. The guy holding it hid it behind his back, smiled, and said, “I’m playing ‘murder’. 405 more words

Murder on the Orient Express, by Agatha Christie

A murdered man, a transcontinental train, and every passenger a suspect…

Hercule Poirot, whilst traveling back to London from Istanbul, is approached by a man asking for his help. 275 more words

Book Review

Faith in action

What does faith look like in action? We don’t have to fantasize or dream up an example. It really isn’t up for debate. The Bible makes it very clear. 1,644 more words

Abortion Abolition

Report: Nearly Half The Murders In LA County For Past Decade Remain Unsolved

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com)  —  Nearly half the murders in LA County for the past decade have remained unsolved.

This was a finding in a report released Sunday by the Los Angeles News Group, LANG. 86 more words


In which our hero upsets a grandmother

I turn left out of the hostel, past the cervecerias with the fat hookers lingering in the doorways, inside I can’t see much, dark, stale, merciless, dangerous, fruit machines, tables, more women. 1,510 more words