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The Big Garden Birdwatch On A Small Scale.

PSA: Please excuse the dubious quality of the photos here, I’ve only had the camera for a month and I’m not entirely aware of what I’m doing with it yet!  393 more words


Wonders In the Sky

A flock of starlings swoop and reel over Utrecht, The Netherlands in mesmerizing formations. The phenomena is called ‘murmuration.’ I call it magic.



A few days ago, a young starling fell down my chimney behind my gas fire.  Fortunately despite my futile attempts to remove the built-in fireplace, after some time it managed to come through the gap where the fumes go out of the room.   80 more words



Most of us are familiar with the murmurations of starlings. The flocking displays of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of these birds produce wonderful moving shapes in the air. 655 more words



Norwich, mid January. At dusk over the past few weeks an avian spectacular has been witnessed taking place in the sky over St Stephen’s Street. As the daylight dwindles around the four o’clock mark a swirling murmuration of roosting starlings may often be seen in the sky above this busy city centre shopping street. 243 more words


Star(lings) of the Show!

An earlier mystery was solved today; that flock of birds I mentioned in a previous post? Starlings. Common, or European as they’re also known. If I was a starling, I’d insist on European, sounds so much more exotic. 22 more words