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Mesmerizing murmurations

My daughter posted this video on her blog today. Honestly, I was totally mesmerized when I saw this video and now I can’t stop watching it. 66 more words


Murmuring, No Big Deal; Right?


Contextual Analysis is the science of studying biblical words according to the context in which they exist within God’s Word as opposed to our current usage of them.  1,525 more words

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Omniscience, Obstacles, Opportunities, and Overruling Oversight

How quickly the freedom of celebration and worship can come to a halt at the first sign of trouble.

So Moses brought Israel from the Red sea, and they went out into the wilderness of Shur; and they went three days in the wilderness, and found no water.

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Jesus Christ


有些道理如果沒有親身經驗是無法有體悟的,一開始以為自己是預備好的,但真的遭遇實際的情況時卻是迷惘的。有些東西透過觀察不見得可以內化為身心最深處的底部,觀念有可能轉變了,心態也會調整;但只要有一絲的抗拒,即便天平的另一端再加上重量,也無法讓它達到水平的狀態。那減量呢?以心靈層面來說,好像可以達到非飽和卻是得到滿足的期望。但這種輕似乎不是拋開一切就能馬上歸零,踏過鴻雪必有痕跡,更何況是生命,這種人生不可承重的輕才是最難的道理。但別人享受被追逐的感覺時,我卻想追逐著生命的對手。起初,看著對方的背影,似乎會著迷於那種忽遠忽近的錯覺,直到距離拉開後,才體悟到真實的差距。仆倒的次數不下十次,這是固執還是傻勁? 無可自拔的,局限於一個烏托邦的鳥籠中。但不甘心就真的是不甘心,但我相信就有這麼一天,在第二圈的某個點我們會再相遇,就像行星繞著太陽,即便是過了二十年,相遇的日子會是有這麼一天的。


Among The Murmuring Souls!

The souls of no one’s welfare!
Souls who resemble none, yet US all!
Caught in a quest between the fact and the fake,
Honeyed vocals win slander sweepstakes! 116 more words