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…Budgie dynamics

Sure there is a language for each and every animal in this world, but isn’t it funny how there are similarities?

Apologies, (am in one of my philosophical moods) but find it fascinating how body language in particular says everything.  83 more words


08.09.14 - Saturday - Murph

Today’s WOD is a Hero WOD, dedicated to a soldier who died in Afghanistan in 2005. The point of a Hero WOD is to push yourself to your physical limit in honor of the WOD’s namesake. 293 more words



NOTE: weeks 1-5 of summer 2014 cycle. Focus on GPP.
full programming, as usual, is in excel sheet

Week 1 – day 1 = meh… 282 more words

Season 1, Episode 12 Bonus Material: Dinosaur Jr.

I mentioned a few different things in relation to Dinosaur Jr. in this week’s episode, so I figured now was as good a time as ever to go through and drop them all in one basket. 205 more words

Today in Budgieopolis...

…egg on ones face!

One thing I have always found interesting is where these sayings come from.  So have found out about this one in particular i.e. 85 more words


Training - Open Gym 'Murph' (27/06/2014)

To cap off ‘Hero Week’, I took on the Hero workout called Murph. This is possibly the most difficult WOD that I’ve done to date. I think that most of it is in the mind, due to the size of the numbers of reps involved, but doing it was as tough as I had thought it was going to be! 219 more words