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MY secret to a happy pregnancy!

I was extremely fortunate to have such an enjoyable pregnancy–well, minus the morning (really all day) sickness during my first trimester. I’ll talk about how I dealt with morning sickness all day in another post =)  973 more words


Underneath INTERSTELLAR - A film analysis of the occult

A Neo NAZI “Project Paperclip” resurgence drives the film INTERSTELLAR

The film INTERSTELLAR tells the audience that human beings are the cause of the disintegration of society, the Earth, and humanity.  497 more words

Occultic 'Tells' In TV & Film

Review: Interstellar Adaptation

Written by Greg Keyes

Published by Titan


There are few jobs more thankless than writing a movie novelisation. For a start there’s a good chance that the movie you’re adapting may not be the one people see as they’re often put together long before the final cut is. 582 more words


2014 must-see: Interstellar

‘Mankind was born on Earth. It was never meant to die here.’ These are the words spoken by Matthew McConaughey’s Cooper, and it does well to summarise the key themes in Interstellar – life and death. 224 more words

University Of Essex

Part 1: Murphy's Law

We’ll start with the basics. Although, I reckon this is more philosophy/superstition than science theory.

“Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”

But, to go into more detail… 191 more words