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Murphy and Swain High Schools are very different. Murphy is more laid back and not too strict. While Swain is more worried about preparing you for jobs. 157 more words

High School is a Highway

Embarking on my first trip to Milledgeville, GA last week was my first road trip (over 45 minutes) by myself. On my way I figured out that the highway is kind of like high school, except the book bags are replaced with suit cases and the lockers disappear among the trees surrounding the road. 703 more words


What is the maximum string size self.response.out.write will write?

I have successfully setup a python web application on app engine. I am now using it as a back-end for an Android App. I have an AsyncTask that sets up an HttpURLConnection with my web app and successfully receives data from the web app which takes a parameter from my android app, queries the datastore, makes myString from the resulting data and uses self.response.out.write(myString). 86 more words

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Interstellar, Murphy's Law & Safety

If you watched¬†Interstellar you should heard the word “Murphy’s law”. It’s also in the trailer if you can remember.¬†But if you haven’t seen the movie yet, don’t be afraid, you can still safely read this article! 435 more words


Z Nation Sisters of Mercy (Recap and Review)

Z Nation Sisters of Mercy (Recap and Review)

After all that Mack and Addy have gone through together, Z Nation piled on the pressure for these two love birds in Sisters of Mercy. 53 more words

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Non crediamo ai reumatismi e al vero amore fino al primo attacco.