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IPCC Dud Rainfall Predictions for the Murray-Darling Basin

The IPCC’s recently released 5th Assessment Report (AR5) dedicated Chapter 25 to impacts of climate change on Australasia. There was wide media reporting of these impacts, including that of decreasing rainfall- more droughts and floods. 1,166 more words


The Lignum Tangle

This short illustrated history, available for purchase from Blurb.com, tells the story of lignum, the forgotten but critical plant of Murray-Darling Basin floodplain ecosystems.

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River Murray Too Salty?

River Murray 

The River Murray is an ancient river with a history spanning more than 60 million years ever since Australia separated from the giant super continent of Gondwanaland, and began its slow drift to the north. 783 more words

Where is the environment in the South Australian election??

The environment seems to have gone missing in the South Australian election campaign, with no acknowledgement of the environment that underpins our economy. The state’s current tourism campaigns promote the rich natural assets of the state, but there is no election promise to protect and maintain those assets. 535 more words

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Murray Meanders

In this short illustrated history, available for purchase from Blurb.com, learn how the mighty Murray River works, as it meanders for more than 2,300 km through communities battling for a share of its vital resources.

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The River Murray is notably absent from the lists of voter concerns and policy speeches in the lead-up to the SA election on 15 March. What happened to all that angst and concern for our lifeline, our vital water resource? 384 more words

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The Secrets of Black Box

This short illustrated history available for purchase from Blurb.com tells the story of black box trees, the guardians of the outer edges of Murray-Darling Basin floodplains which can survive long dry spells between floods.

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