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Solutions To California's Drought: Government Fines, or Market Prices.

California’s water shortage due to the drought is being dealt with in typical interventionist fashion. The Government wouldn’t even consider how the free market deals with scarcity. 1,173 more words

Government And Politics

Abolish the Bar Exam

This article originally appeared here at LewRockwell.comand was reposted on this blog last year in July.  I repost it here again this year for all those who are taking the bar exam this week and next week. 1,111 more words


Against Divided Ownership

There are some libertarians who think that some sort of “intellectual property” is possible; they argue that the practice of privatizing information could survive the free market. 2,268 more words

Intellectual Property

Why is Austrian business cycle theory held to such a high-bar?

I find it surprising that so many concentrate on rational expectations when discussing Austrian business cycle theory (ABCT). Is Austrian business cycle theory the only modern business cycle theory that must reach such a high bar? 402 more words