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Hari Raya Lunch

I was invited to a Hari Raya dinner last week. I guess it was more like a brunch, since it started around one in the afternoon. 78 more words


Sri Devi Curry House, Northbridge

When J’s parents mentioned a new Indian Malaysian restaurant, Sri Devi Curry House, had popped up where Mak’s Place and later, Ipoh’s Corner, used to be, and that it was far superior to its predecessors, we were only too happy to join them for lunch to find out for ourselves. 628 more words


Old faithful Hameediyah all spruced up

With the heritage tourism business picking up in Penang, another old faithful has joined the list of establishments getting a facelift for the new crowds of outstation and foreign customers who want an “authentic” experience but in nicer surroundings to suit middle-class tastes. 221 more words


Salam 14 Ramadhan

Semalam.. hari ke 14 berpuasa.. sekejap gila.. lagi 16 hari raya.. tu dia.. dah fikir raya.. tp fikir raya bukan la baru2 ni.. dr tahun lepas dah fikir raya tahun ni.. 150 more words

Ramadhan 2014

Street Food For My 1 1/2 Days in Singapore

Join me as I recap my brief street food tripping escapade in Singapore. I will share bits about my visits to a hawker center, a street closed for food stalls, and a coffee shop, all of which are prevalent in the economically forward city-state. 1,110 more words