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Malibu, Minions and The City of Angels

Leaving the Big Sur bought a huge change in scenery. The further south we traveled, the less open space and more built up area there was, the more accessible but less picturesque the beaches were, and the less winding and wider the roads became. 2,312 more words


How Do You Get Your F-16 Home After Your Photo Shoot?

What do you do after you do your photo shoot in a United States Air Force F-16 at Muscle Beach? You load it in the truck and take it home with you! 63 more words

Canals, Unreal Estate and Peddling

July 6, 2014

I woke up with a lot of aches and pains, but I woke up. That is always a good sign. After a hardy breakfast of a ton and a half of carbs, which I rarely eat, I was off to explore the canals of Venice Beach. 867 more words


The best of LA

What would you do, if you have a day to visit LA? Driving included!

That’s what we did. Get on the 101 and head for the 405 intersection at morning rush hour. 199 more words


From The Air At Muscle Beach!

This is really fun! Early in the day at the Memorial Day show at Muscle Beach. Later in the day would have been fun to see as well because the stands were jammed, the boardwalk was filled with people as was the booth areas, the beach and around that Air Force F-16. 11 more words

What A Great Photo Shoot!

What a great photo shoot! Lisa Marino Sanders in front of my camera at Venice Beach was just perfect. Lisa looked just incredible, Natalie Lyle did a fantastic job with her Makeup and Hair Styling. 53 more words

In The Cockpit She Looked Better Than Me!

I was just trying to convince Lisa Marino Sanders into letting me drive. But I remember her diplomatically saying that she probably would look better in the cockpit of the F-16 at Muscle Beach than I would. 94 more words